The Sportsman’s Charity

The Sportsman's Charity was founded in 1983 by David MacLean and John Frame.

The charity works with the corporate sector, and with individuals, to generate and distribute funds to other charities.

The mission of The Sportsman's Charity is to make charity-giving a natural and involving experience. It raises funds for your causes, or helps you to find people doing good work, to make sure that the money you raise is spent effectively.

What does the Sportsman’s Charity do?

The Sportsman’s charity can help you to run a charity event, or can organise one for you, in your company’s name.

It works closely with the Scottish Community Foundation, to distribute funds to your chosen causes.

The fund is self sufficient, but you can get involved in the following ways:

  • become a supporter of our fixed costs
  • sign up to participate in our events
  • get help with an event, or advice on how to organise it yourself
  • get help to put together a corporate social responsibility policy
  • invite your staff to raise funds for their particular causes
  • ascribe us a legacy to assist with our long-term work.

Call John Frame on 07715112784 for more information.