Club Accident Insurance Scheme

Mandatory Requirement : Catastrophic Injury Cover

It is a requirement that all clubs/teams playing Rugby Union(Note) in Scotland provide their players with appropriate Catastrophic Injury insurance. This cover is normally effected by a club completing the annual Scottish Rugby Club Accident Insurance Proposal Form. A member club may only be exempted from this requirement if it can demonstrate that it has put in place suitable alternative insurance arrangements.

At present Scottish Rugby has only recognised two groups of member clubs who are exempt from the requirement:

  • Scottish Exile clubs, which receive their player insurance via their primary Union; and
  • Armed Services clubs, for which separate arrangements exist.

All other clubs are required to complete an Insurance Proposal Form no later than 15 September each year.

Note : “Rugby Union” includes XV-a-side, Sevens, Tens, Golden Oldies, Beach Rugby and other forms of the game recognised by World Rugby.

Voluntary Cover : Temporary Injury Cover for Players

Scottish Rugby recommends that all clubs purchase temporary disablement cover for their players. Temporary disablement cover is available under the Club Accident Insurance Scheme and can be purchased via the Proposal Form. We specifically ask that clubs involve their playing members in the decision as to whether the club purchases this cover.

Scottish Rugby also recommends that each player considers his or her own personal circumstances should they suffer an injury which would prevent them working on either a permanent or temporary basis. Individuals are advised to specifically consider whether the combination of the compulsory Catastrophic Injury Cover together with the voluntary Temporary Disablement Cover (if purchased by the club) is sufficient for their needs, and to take steps to purchase additional personal cover if appropriate.

Club Accident Insurance Scheme 2015/16


Scottish Rugby provides Public Liability Insurance for its member clubs in relation to the rugby risk associated with its activities:

Please note that clubs are required to provide their own Public Liability cover in respect of all matters other than the actual playing of the game