Getting started

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Getting started

The process starts with a leaders’ workshop, with representatives from all levels within the club/school.

In the case of a club accreditation it is suggested that the secondary schools that feed the club are involved as these schools play an integral part in the rugby ethos within the community and they will share in the accreditation if they contribute to the process.

Who should be involved?

Representatives should include:

  • senior committee members
  • junior committee members
  • convenors
  • coaches from all levels (micros to seniors)
  • rugby champions from feeder secondary schools
  • senior and colts players.

The initial workshop lasts two hours. It focuses on formalising the identity of the club or school, and the more people that contribute and buy into this the better.

Organising the workshop

It’s important to look at the rugby environment from all possible angles, taking into account all the resources and stakeholders. The best way to set up a solid starting point is to speak to the core people first. These are the people who take responsibility and make things happen, so it is important that they attend.

They need to understand why the club or school is taking part and the importance of their contribution to the process. We then want to put out an open invitation to all volunteers by working through this core group of people.

This leaders’ workshop needs to land in the diary of a programme tutor and, for that reason, we suggest the following steps in setting up the workshop:

  1. After an internal discussion with the relevant people in the club, email Bosman du Plessis, Scottish Rugby’s Positive Coaching Scotland manager, to confirm your interest in the programme. Please include a timeframe for starting the process, indicate which days of the week will work best for the leaders’ workshop and suggest a couple of dates. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability.
  2. Contact the people who need to be there first. Ensure they have enough information on the programme.
  3. Send a standard invitation to the wider audience you would like to have present. Anyone is welcome.
  4. Once all communication is in place, send out a reminder a couple of days before the workshop.
  5. The programme tutor will provide all the necessary equipment for the workshop. 

Contact details

At the end of this workshop an internal programme leader will be selected. To get started or for any further questions email

Gordon Lyon

Positive Coaching Scotland manager
Scottish Rugby
BT Murrayfield Stadium
EH12 5PJ

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