CashBack: G4S Street Rugby

G4S Street Rugby is a key part of Scottish Rugby's CashBack funded programme of activities for young people, and is sponsored by G4S whose support enables us to take the programme into more communities across Scotland. 

G4S Street Rugby - Diversionary Sessions

G4S Street Rugby started as a diversionary programme where a flexible form of rugby is taken into communities at times and venues identified by local experts such as Community Safety/Planning Partnerships, youth wardens or police. CDOs tailor the sessions to suit the audience in an effort to do whatever they can to engage young people in the activity, and divert them away from anti-social behaviour. The CDOs will use small-sided games of touch or tag rugby, passing and kicking games, or help participants burn off some energy and aggression using the contact pads.

 G4S Street Rugby 1

G4S Street Rugby - Referral Sessions

The referral programme is an evolution of the above and sees partners agencies identify young people who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). These young people agree to be referred to work with the CDOs through a programme of "learn to play"; progressing to "learn to coach"; and complimented by other workshops such as the Positive Coaching Scotland Values sessions, Youth Coaching Course, RugbyReady, pro team visits and other educational inputs.

The ultimate aim to to help participants make a positive progression such as returning to school; attending college; gaining a place on a training programme or employment; or developing improved behaviours and outlook. A number of participants have also progressed into playing rugby for a school or club team, and coaching rugby in local schools with the CDOs and Active Schools.


G4S Street Rugby in Carntyne, Glasgow