CashBack for Communities

Cashback for Communities logoCashBack for Communities is the Scottish Government’s scheme to reinvest the proceeds of crime in local communities. The investment targets facilities and activities that have long-term benefits for young people, like the arts, youth work programmes and sport.

A total of £3.65 million will be invested in Scottish rugby between 2011 and 2014.

Enhancing opportunities

Scottish Rugby will channel £2.4 million towards the provision of playing and coaching opportunities for young people across all of Scotland’s 32 local authorities. This will include investment into the network of Club Development Officers, Street Rugby Diversionary and Youth Referral programmes, Schools of Rugby, and the Youth Coaching Course. 

Schools of Rugby

CashBack funds 29 Schools of Rugby across Scotland, where rugby is used to enhance the 'whole school' experience. Pupils in S1-S3 take part in up to 5 sessions per week, with a focus on developing core skills, physical competence, and establishing new rugby teams. Rugby is also used to support the Curriculum for Excellence, contributing to outcomes across different subject areas, and helping to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment.

CashBack Facilities

The remaining £1.25 million was awarded by way of a grant award scheme to local rugby clubs where there is a track record in growing the game at junior, youth and adult levels. Clubs applied for awards of up to £50,000 to invest in new facilities, or upgrading existing ones, and priority was given to projects that benefit young people in areas of greatest need.


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