Club Participation Agreements

Club Participation Agreements

The Partnership Agreements set out Scottish Rugby’s support to clubs participating in the BT leagues and BT Cup competitions during 2017/18, together with the associated obligations of participating clubs. This year the principles of Agenda 3 are introduced within the Participation Agreements.  

Club Participation Agreement 2016/17 - All Clubs Club Participation Agreement 2016/17 - National 1 Club Participation Agreement 2016/17 - Premiership Clubs

Club Participation Agreement 2017/18


BT National 1 Clubs 2017/18

 BT Premiership Clubs 2017/18

 Guidance notes

These notes provide further information for this season's Club Participation Agreement.  Advice is available on the following areas:

1. Incoming Players into Scotland

2. Material Benefits to Players

3. Registration of Players

4. Player Welfare Policies

5. Scottish Rugby Monthly Awards

6. Compliance with World Rugby Regulations

The guidance notes can be downloaded here