Injury Management

Injury Management

Rugby is a physical contact sport. Injuries can and do occur as a result of playing rugby, either through isolated injuries or through continuous playing of the game over time. Participants should always consider their own fitness before commencing the playing of rugby and before any game. Participants should take their own medical advice before playing and especially following an injury (following concussion this is mandatory).

The safety of all players is of paramount importance and therefore all clubs must ensure that, wherever the game is played or training is conducted:

  1. there is appropriate first aid cover and equipment provided, determined by a risk assessment;
  2. there is access to a telephone to ensure emergency services can be called immediately; and
  3. there is clear vehicular access for an ambulance or other emergency vehicle.’

World Rugby provides a range of educational modules to help all stakeholders learn about Player Welfare best practice. Please visit to access player welfare information such as First Aid in Rugby and Concussion Management.

World Rugby First Aid in Rugby Level 1 Course

Injury Prevention

Health & Safety Club Medical Emergency Action Plan (MS Word Doc)

Basic physical preparation and skill development prior to playing rugby for all coaches, teachers and referees is available on the following download.

All players from the age of 15 are encouraged to complete the World Rugby online Rugby Ready self-check assessment. This is compulsory for all U16 in U18 rugby and U18 in adult rugby.

Injury Reporting

To report a serious injury please simply fill in the details in the Serious Injury Reporting Form and send it to [email protected]

A Serious Injury Report must be completed if any player has a rugby injury or related illness and as a result:

  1. Attends hospital or is seen by a medical practitioner
  2. Has a suspected or confirmed concussion
  3. Requires time away from the game*

*According to World Rugby  ‘Time loss injury was defined as the inability to participate fully in training or match play after an injury that occurred during either rugby training or game according to a recent IRB injury definition consensus statement’

What information do I need?

You will be asked for your name, your contact information and club (this is mandatory). All other information is optional, but ideally you should enter:

  • the player's name
  • details of the injury, such as date, type of match, position playing whilst hurt, type of tackle, where the tackle was from, whether the player was wearing any protection
  • details of the treatment, such as details of pitch-side treatment, admission and release dates from hospital, name of hospital, body parts affected

The personal data submitted when completing this form will be processed by Scottish Rugby Union Limited in accordance with its Privacy Policy (available at

What happens next?

Staff at Scottish Rugby will enter the information onto the CDMS system.  When the form has been submitted, AON (the insurers), Scottish Rugby and the club or school will receive an email. They may contact you if further information is required.

Please note Scottish Rugby's insurance policy covers participation in the game from the age of 5 (Primary 1) to 59 years of age.  


Please contact Richard Wood, Medical Coordinator (Email: [email protected] Tel: 0131 346 5019) should you have any questions.