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Tennent's Caledonia North 4

Sat 20 Oct 2018
15:00Fraserburgh RFCvInverness Craig Dunain RFC
15:00Deeside RFCvDyce RFC
15:00Peterhead RFCvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
Sat 27 Oct 2018
15:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvInverness Craig Dunain RFC
15:00Moray 2nd XVvDeeside RFC
Sat 3 Nov 2018
14:00Fraserburgh RFCvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
14:00Dyce RFCvMoray 2nd XV
14:00Peterhead RFCvDeeside RFC
Sat 10 Nov 2018
14:00Deeside RFCvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV

Rescheduled from 29th Sept, Aberdeen Wanderers 2 deducted 3 pts for failing to fulfil original fixture.
Sat 17 Nov 2018
14:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvMoray 2nd XV

Rescheduled from 13th Oct. Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV deducted 3 pts for failing to fulfil original fixture.
Sat 24 Nov 2018
14:00Deeside RFCvInverness Craig Dunain RFC
14:00Peterhead RFCvDyce RFC
Sat 1 Dec 2018
14:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvDeeside RFC
14:00Dyce RFCvInverness Craig Dunain RFC
14:00Moray 2nd XVvPeterhead RFC
Sat 8 Dec 2018
14:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFCvMoray 2nd XV
14:00Dyce RFCvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
14:00Peterhead RFCvFraserburgh RFC
Sat 5 Jan 2019
14:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvDyce RFC

Rescheduled from 6th Oct 2018.
Sat 12 Jan 2019
14:00Fraserburgh RFCvDeeside RFC
14:00Moray 2nd XVvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
14:00Peterhead RFCvInverness Craig Dunain RFC
Sat 26 Jan 2019
14:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFCvFraserburgh RFC
14:00Dyce RFCvDeeside RFC
14:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvPeterhead RFC
Sat 16 Feb 2019
15:00Dyce RFCvFraserburgh RFC

Rescheduled from 27th Oct 2018
Sat 23 Feb 2019
15:00Fraserburgh RFCvDyce RFC
15:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFCvAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
15:00Deeside RFCvMoray 2nd XV
Sat 2 Mar 2019
15:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVvFraserburgh RFC
15:00Moray 2nd XVvDyce RFC
15:00Deeside RFCvPeterhead RFC
Sat 23 Mar 2019
15:00Fraserburgh RFCvMoray 2nd XV

Rescheduled from 24th Nov.
Sat 24 Nov 2018
14:00Fraserburgh RFCP - PMoray 2nd XV
Match postponed (other)
Rescheduled to 23rd Mar 2019 by mutual agreement
Sat 27 Oct 2018
15:00Dyce RFCP - PFraserburgh RFC
Match postponed (other)
Fraserburgh players attending Great Scot Awards Dinner. Fixture rescheduled to 16th Feb 2019
Sat 13 Oct 2018
15:00Deeside RFC10 - 7Fraserburgh RFC
15:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVU - UMoray 2nd XV
Insufficient players: home team.
Rescheduled to 17th Nov. Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV deducted 5 pts for failing to fulfil fixture.
15:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFC53 - 7Peterhead RFC
Sat 6 Oct 2018
15:00Moray 2nd XV56 - 5Inverness Craig Dunain RFC
15:00Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XVU - UDyce RFC
Insufficient players: home team.
Rescheduled to 5th Jan 2019. Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV deducted 4 pts for failing to fulfil original fixture.
15:00Fraserburgh RFC15 - 26Peterhead RFC
Sat 29 Sep 2018
15:00Deeside RFCU - UAberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV
Insufficient players: away team.
Rescheduled to 10th Nov 18
15:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFC10 - 26Dyce RFC
15:00Peterhead RFC24 - 19Moray 2nd XV
Sat 22 Sep 2018
15:00Moray 2nd XV19 - 29Fraserburgh RFC
15:00Inverness Craig Dunain RFC41 - 12Deeside RFC
15:00Dyce RFC19 - 26Peterhead RFC
1Peterhead RFC431083:106-233015
2Inverness Craig Dunain RFC4220109:10182010
3Moray 2nd XV312094:5836116
4Dyce RFC211045:369116
5Fraserburgh RFC312051:55-4116
6Deeside RFC211022:48-26004
7Aberdeen Wanderers 2nd XV00000:0000-12

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