Introduction to Rugby Coaching

Step one

Rugby is a physical, contact sport and as such has inherent dangers. Scottish Rugby is committed to reducing the risks of serious injury through the implementation of its Are You Ready to Play Rugby? policies.

By making yourself aware of rugby's safety policies you can play your part in making sure that our sport remains safe, fun and enjoyable for all.

Minimum standards for all coaches, teachers and referees 

To ensure best practice is being followed, we require that all active coaches, teachers and referees in clubs and schools complete the online World Rugby RugbyReady self-check assessment on and attend the free annual RugbyReady Practical course.

The RugbyReady Practical course is updated every season to reflect current safety issues and trends relevant to rugby in Scotland.

Coaches must also complete the World Rugby Laws self check - do the test online at

Step Two

What to coach and how to coach it

As part of our Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Strategy we have developed a range of coaching resources to help you coach appropriately for the age and stage of the players you are working with. Hard copies of these resources are available from your local club development officer.

Long-term player development strategy (pdf)

New to rugby?

  • If you are new to rugby then the World Rugby Beginners Guide to Rugby  (pdf) will help you to improve your knowledge of the game. The pdf is available to download from the World Rugby RugbyReady website.

Coaching Children (up to Primary 7)

  • If you are coaching children then the Coaching Tag and Mini Rugby Guide (pdf) is full of games and activites to help you develop all your players, laying the foundations for future years' participation in the game.

Coaching Youths

  • If you are coaching youths then the Coaching Youth Rugby (pdf) is packed with information on how to develop your players physically, mentally, technically and tactically and follows on from the children's resource above.
  • The Key National Theme (pdf) resource provides guidance on the four themes identified by our national, pro-club and age-grade coaches, which will help build a game structure that develops and challenges individual players and their skills, at all levels.
  • Further resources for this stage are currently being developed.

Coaching Adults

  • We are currently developing further resources for this stage, however content in the resources above is also suitable for adults and can be tailored accordingly.

Further coaching resources are available from

Step three

Get Qualified 

Coaching Qualifications


Please contact Claire Scott, Coach Development Administrator ( 0131 346 5167; 07773 082924) should you have any questions.


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