Scottish Exiles

Are you Scottish Qualified?

Jim HamiltonHenry PyrgosHamish Watson

You don’t have to live in Scotland to be eligible to play rugby for the Scotland team.

If you, either of your parents or one of your grandparents were born in Scotland then the Scottish Exiles could be your route to international rugby!

Scotland internationals Jim Hamilton, Henry Pyrgos and Hamish Watson all took this pathway.

There are two ways to get involved:

  1. register your own details
  2. your school or club nominates you

To register or nominate just fill out the Scottish Exiles registration form (Microsoft Word) and email us at

Performance Pathway for Exiles

The Scottish Rugby Union Exile programme is not a club or purely a representative pathway. It is a player centred initiative designed to provide a development, support and a pathway for Scottish qualified players living outside of Scotland. The scheme recognises individual playing situations then provides appropriate support and opportunities to progress towards International Age group rugby or beyond!

Step One

Regional Development Group

(County Level)

The first stage of the Exile programme is the Regional Development Group (RDG). These sessions are open to players from the age of 15 to 19. The RDG sessions are organised at venues across the country providing coaching in the Scottish Key Themes as well as an introduction to Strength and conditioning.


Step Two


(Divisional Level)

The second stage incorporates divisional level sessions and the Age Group programme (U16 – U20). The divisional sessions provide further coaching and an opportunity for players involved in extensive rugby programmes (such as the Top schools (e.g. Millfield) or the Premiership Academies (e.g. Sale) to get involved; thus avoiding overload. Once selected for a full Exile Camp there are opportunities to work with some of Scotland’s High Performance staff such as Chris Paterson (pictured below at a recent camp).


Step Three

Scotland Age Group Programmes

(International  Level)

At this stage Exile players are provided with opportunities to trial for the National team alongside their peers from the BT Academy regions (Caledonia, Borders, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Once selected for Scotland, players will participate in the International programmes at U16 (e.g. Wellington Festival), U18 (FIRA) and U20 (6 Nations and Junior World Cup).


 Scottish Exiles registration form (Microsoft Word)

Chris Paterson at Exiles session
Chris Paterson coaching at a Stage Two Exiles camp

Volunteer with the Scottish Exiles

If you're passionate about driving Scottish Rugby forward and developing young players, why not consider volunteering? Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Exiles Player Development Programme and we’re pleased to offer a variety of different roles. Our aim is to attract skilled individuals who seek a rewarding experience, and are committed to the development of Scottish Exiles Rugby. Follow the link below to find out more about the roles available within the Exiles Programme.

Volunteer with the Scottish Exiles