Are you ready to play?

Are You Ready to Play Rugby?

Scottish Rugby launched the Are You Ready to Play Rugby? campaign at the start of 2009 to ensure that a consistent approach to player safety is adopted across Scotland by all coaches, teachers, referees and volunteers.

Keeping rugby safe and enjoyable for all

This campaign resulted in a number of changes to the game for males at the start of season 2009/10.

Early indications on the initial impact of the changes in the boys' game are positive, with no instances of serious neck injuries in youth rugby that we are aware of in season 09/10 or season 10/11. However, it is too early to say if this is a result of the changes that we have made, and conclusions can only be drawn after monitoring injury trends over a number of seasons.

Scottish Rugby would like to thank rugby clubs and schools for their continued support of these safety policies, and also the Scottish Committee of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeons (SCOT), who helped to shape this process.

Age banding policies

RugbyReady courses

There are two types of RugbyReady courses:

  1. online self-assessment course from the IRB (external site) for everyone involved in rugby
  2. RugbyReady Practical courses from Scottish Rugby

Annual reports

2010/11 AYRTPR annual report (pdf)

2011/12 AYRTPR annual report (pdf)

2012/13 AYRTPR annual report (pdf)


Find out more

For more about the IRB's regulations, policy and guidelines relating to player welfare, visit the IRB Player Welfare website or email