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IRB laws, rulings and guidance

The International Rugby Board (IRB)'s laws give players of different physiques, skills, genders and ages with the chance to take part in rugby in a controlled, competitive and enjoyable environment.

To ensure that the game retains its defining characteristics, and is as safe and enjoyabloe as possible, the IRB laws are under constant review.

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Law variations 2012/13 season

All rugby clubs and shchools must observe Scottish Rugby's age-grade law variations.

The law variations are designed to ensure that your youngsters can learn the game and enjoy rugby in a structured, consistent and safe manner.

The age grade law variations are unaltered for the 2012/13 season. They should not be viewed in isolation, but should always be used in conjunction with the full IRB laws of the game, available at Please note that the IRB law amendment trials are also apply to mini and youth rugby.

All coaches should be aware of the full laws of the game as well as the law variations for the age group they are coaching.

The 'Pocket Guide to Mini and Youth Rugby' (previously named the 'Age grade law variation booklet') is posted to all clubs and schools at the start of the season.

Download the age grade law variations leaflet (pdf)

Download the IRB law amendment trial information (pdf)


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