Resources and downloads

Resources for referees

Guidelines for refereeing domestic rugby

Guidelines for season 2013-14 (pdf)

Protocol for match officials 2013/14 (pdf)

Protocol for match officials 2012-13 (pdf)

Code of conduct and protocols 2011-12 (pdf)

Transport Scotland advice: driving in bad weather


Reports to the Scottish Rugby Referees Association (SRRA)

February 2013   Interim report to the SRRA (pdf)

November 2013 SP report to SRRA (pdf)


IRB Notes to Unions and Regional Associations

15 April 2013           Law 4.3 Player Clothing (Studs) (pdf)

04 January 2013      Law trial 20.1(g) Scrum engagement procedure (pdf)


IRB Law Clarifications

Law Clarification 1 - 2013


Age grade variations

U19, U16 and U15 boys  2012/13 (pdf)


Selection panel interim report

Selection panel interim report 2012 (pdf)