Specialist Skills

Specialist Skills - making the game work!

The downloads below are available to aid coaches and teachers develop players' individual skills. The specialist skills, outlined below, are vital to making the game of Rugby Union work, e.g. if a hooker cannot throw the ball in effectively, then it is unlikely that their team will consistently win possession at the lineout.

Lineout throw - Lineout throw technique (pdf), Flat throw activity (pdf), Target throw activity (pdf), Throw with stick activity (pdf), Straight up throw activity (pdf), Straight up throw swiss ball activity (pdf), 45 degree throw swiss ball activity (pdf), Swiss ball kneeling activity (pdf). 

Lineout jump & support - Pivot lift activity (pdf), Split stance partner lift acitivty (pdf), Straight up jump activity (pdf), Pod of 3 acitvity (pdf), 3v3 pod activity (pdf), 4 cone movement activity (pdf).

Kicking out of hand - kick technique (pdf), Kicking in pairs (pdf), Single file kicking for partner (pdf), Single file kicking on the move (pdf), Kick tennis (pdf), Kick tennis with counter attack (pdf), Tactical kicking game 3v3 (pdf).

Scrum - Individual scrum technique (pdf), 1v1 scrum (pdf), 1v1 elevator (pdf), 1 v sled/machine (pdf), 1v2 scrum (pdf), Team of 2 v sled/machine (pdf), Team of 3 v sled/machine (pdf),  Team 3v3 (pdf), 3v3 front row (pdf), 5v5 scrum with progressions (pdf).

The 1st reciever - The role of the 1st reciever in attacking team play (pdf), Games & activitys to develop the 1st reciever (pdf).

Specialist Skills Programme

Specialist skillsSpecialist skills sessions are delivered on a regional basis to players involved in Scottish Rugby's national age grade programme. Players are coached position specific skills by specialist coaches, compromising of regional and national representative, as we all Scotland national team coaches.

Club and school coaches are welcome to attend any of the sessions below for their own CPD.

These sessions will provide you with information on technical and tactical components of the game, with particular reference to scrum, lineout, throwing, kicking, counter attack, handling, tackling and defence.

No registration is required to attend these session. Please turn up on the night and observe the sessions.

If you would like further information then please contact Eddie.Pollock@sru.org.uk (Specialist Skills Coordinator).

2013-14 National Specialist Skills Programme

Gala 4G Arena




Lochinch Sports Ground


Stirling RFC


 Aberdeen Grammar


Mon 3rd March 2014Mon 3rd March 2014Mon 17th February 2014Mon 10th February 2014Mon 10th February 2014
Mon 31st March 2014Mon 24th March 2014Mon 17th March 2014Mon 10th March 2014Mon 10th March 2014