Walking rugby a hit in Hawick

On the eve of World Alzheimer's Day the inaugural game of walking rugby, organised by the Hawick Rugby Memories Club, took place at the Auld Baths.

Many of the players, who had not touched a rugby ball for over forty years, quickly re-discovered old skills and all of the women, who had never played rugby before, quickly became adept at this new non-contact version of the game.

Everyone admitted afterwards that walking rugby was more fun than they imagined, as well as providing a good work out.

The inspiration for walking rugby came from the popularity of walking football and is, by and large, played by people in their forties and fifties.

The Hawick version of the game, however, has been developed for the sixty plus generation of both sexes and also caters for players in wheelchairs.

The next game will take place in the Auld Baths on Thursday 18 October at 14.30 for an hour.

New players are most welcome - fun, camaraderie and rewarding exercise are guaranteed by the organisers.