Authorisation for Matches and Tours

Scottish Rugby’s Regulation

Scottish Rugby reserves the right to approve all matches and tournaments taking place within its jurisdiction. Under World Rugby rules special permission is also required for any tour match or tournament featuring teams from more than one Union. Clubs are also reminded that specific permission is required to play a match in Scotland during the summer break (“Close Time”) and for games against “scratch” teams.

These rules are further explained within our domestic regulation Scottish Domestic Regulation 16 Match Approvals and Permission to Tour. All those within the Scottish Rugby Union’s jurisdiction are required to comply with this Regulation.

SDR16: Match Approvals and Permission to Tour

Further assistance in relation to Permission to Tour, obtaining our consent to hold a match during Close Time and for games involving scratch teams is available below.

Permission to Tour

WR Regulation 16 sets out the approval process in relation to international tours and tournaments. Scottish Rugby has adopted this WR Regulation into its domestic regulations.

Guidance as to how a club or affiliated school can obtain Permission to Tour or Permission to Host a Tour from another Union can be found below:

Permission to Tour: If you are planning to play outwith Scotland.
Permission to Host a Tour: If you plan to host a team from outwith Scotland.

Permission to Play in “Close Time”

For player welfare reasons our Bye Laws require that there is a Summer break from playing matches (Bye Law 23 : Close Time). On a case by case basis Scottish Rugby may consider applications to hold matches during Close Time. To apply for permission for such a match please use this form:

Application to play during Close Time
Matches/Events Approved for 2017 Close Time

Permission to play matches involving a Scratch Team

For regulatory and insurance purposes approval must be sought for matches involving “scratch” teams. A scratch team is one which neither belongs to a member club of a Union (such as the SRU) nor is a representative side of a Union. Often scratch teams are formed to play one off games e.g. charity matches. To apply for permission to hold a match involving a scratch team please use this form: 

Application to play a match involving a Scratch Team

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist those looking for more information on match approvals and permission to tour we have prepared a summary of Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact details

Tour Approvals : If you can't find the information you're looking for, have a specific query or require assistance processing a Tour Approval contact Kathleen Munroe at [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5102.

Close Time and Scratch Matches: For queries about playing during the Summer break (Close Time) or Scratch Matches please contact Scottish Rugby's Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland, at [email protected]or 0131 346 5004.