Frequently Asked Questions

Membership of the SRU and Club Names: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is covered by the Regulation?

The SRU governs all Rugby Union in Scotland – all Scottish teams must therefore be members of our Union in order to be able to play.

Do the rules just relate to fifteen-a-side rugby?

No. The Regulation covers all forms of the game. For instance we have as members clubs which:

  • Just play Sevens;
  • Just play under the Golden Oldie Laws;
  • Just play mini rugby;
  • Just play wheelchair rugby.

Can my team just play “friendly matches” and not have to bother joining?

No. All teams and clubs need to be governed by our Union – but remember in return your team will receive free catastrophic injury cover and a range of other benefits.

We are only going to be playing a one-off game – is there any other option for us?

It is possible to play a one-off match providing (1) the team is propery insured and (2) Scottish Rugby has given it's permission. For more details please see Permissions to play matches involving a scratch team

Where can I find the Application Form for a new Club?

Download application form (MS Word)

Download application form (PDF)

Why does the SRU need to approve our Club name?

We retain the right of approval in order to prevent the use of potentially confusing or offensive names.

Why does the SRU need to approve Team names?

As for club names we wish to avoid the use of confusing or offensive terms. We would also wish to e.g. prevent “ambush marketing” which impacts on the rights of the league’s title sponsor.

The rules prevent name changes other than in “Close Time” – what is Close Time and why do you have this rule?

In the rugby calendar there is a period each year during which no rugby games are permitted – this is “Close Time”. During 2016 this runs from 23 May to 5 August 2016. We restrict name changes to this period to avoid the potential confusion which might arise if the change were to happen mid-season.

Any Further Questions?

Please contact Graham Ireland at [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5004.