Player Status and Contracts

The World Rugby Regulation

Whilst for the majority rugby will remain a leisure activity, the game is “open” and players may be paid to play rugby union. World Rugby operates an enhanced regulatory regime with respect to those players who receive payment to play, details of which are set out in WR Regulation 4 Player Status, Player Contracts and Player Movement. Scottish Rugby is obliged to comply with this WR Regulation.

Scottish Rugby’s Regulation

The World Rugby Regulation requires individual Unions to put in place their own domestic regulations with respect to the matters it covers. Scottish Rugby’s rules on Player Status and Player Contracts are set out in Scottish Domestic Regulation 4.1 Player Status and Player Contracts (SDR 4.1).

Under this domestic regulation those players receiving material financial benefit from playing are defined as Scottish Contract Players,and clubs must register any such playing contract.

Scottish domestic regulation SDR 4.1

Scottish Rugby also has rules on Player Movement and these are set out in SDR 4.2 Clearance to Play in Another Union.

All those within the Scottish Rugby Union’s jurisdiction are required to comply with these Regulations.

Clubs: Recruitment of Non-EU Players

Clubs should remember that their ability to recruit non EU players is governed by law. Whilst Scottish Rugby is not able to provide legal advice on immigration / employment law matters, our general understanding is as follows:

Premiership: For immigration purposes, clubs in the Premiership have the equivalent status to Edinburgh Rugby and Glasgow Warriors. This means that non EU players must have either a UK Ancestry or a Tier 2 / Tier 5 Sporting visa. The Tier 2/5 requirements include a track record playing at international or Super Rugby level, and in all cases require completion of a formal Governing Body Endorsement process. Players holding Youth Mobility Scheme or Visitor visas are not entitled to play in the Premiership.

Tier 2 and Tier 5 Requirements for Professional Sportspeople

Other Divisions: Whilst those on Youth Mobility Scheme or Visitor visas may play in leagues outwith the Premiership, we understand that they may not be paid (or receive other benefits) to do so.

We strongly recommend that clubs obtain advice from a suitably qualified expert prior to recruiting any non EU player.

Frequently Asked Questions

The area of Player Status and Player Contracts can be complex. To assist those looking for more information we have prepared a summary of Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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