Club Services

Club Services

The Club Services Department was created to offer an enhanced level of support to clubs to help them develop. The following three teams work closely with clubs:

  • Competitions team – They run over 160 competitions, mostly in the form of leagues and cups, for adults and youth, males and females every season.
  • Student and Adult Participation team – They look at rugby participation and how we can attract and retain as many people in the game as possible. The transition period from youth/school rugby to adult rugby is one of the key priorities for this team.
  • Club Services Managers team – They support clubs to be more sustainable and help them operate more like small businesses. The CSM use their business development knowledge and experience and tools that they have developed such as the club diagnostic programme to help clubs plan for the way ahead. This Club Diagnostic tool is a facilitated process designed to help clubs assess where they currently are and identify their key priorities going forward. The tool takes all the information from the process and generates it into specific club action and business plans.

Scottish Rugby has also developed a new funding stream the Club Sustainability Fund to support clubs improve their facilities and income streams. The £1.6m fund over 4 years, up to and including season 2017-18, has the following three strands – FastTrack, Capital and Revenue. Scottish Rugby has worked in conjunction with sportscotland to create an application form that allows club to also apply to sportscotland’s Sports Facility Fund from the one application process. Please click on the Club Sustainability Fund section below for further information.

In addition to contacting any of the three teams detailed above for help please have a look at the Club Development Planning section highlighted below that is full of guidance and templates relevant to developing sustainable rugby clubs. The CSM have developed the content following feedback and requests from clubs for support.

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