Anti-Doping - Prohibited Substances and Methods

Each year the World Anti-Doping Agency produces a list of substances which athletes are not allowed to take together with a list of "prohibited methods" (such as blood doping). This document is known as the WADA Prohibited List. Please note that:

  • Some substances are prohibited at any time and some are only prohibited "in-competition" i.e. on match day or within 24 hours of a match; and
  • Under the principle of Strict Liability, players are solely responsible for any prohibited substance found in their system whether there was an intention to cheat or not.

2016 Prohibited List and Changes from 2015

A copy of the current Prohibited List, which came into effect on 1 January 2016, can be found below. A summary of the changes to the Prohibited List from 2015 is also provided.

2017 Prohibited List and Changes from 2016

The Prohibited List will be updated again with effect from 1 January 2017. A copy of the 2017 Prohibited List, together with the changes to the list from 2016, can be found below. It is recommended that players and team medical officers familiarise themselves with these changes. If you are uncertain as to whether the changes will affect you please contact Scottish Rugby's Chief Medical Officer for further information.

Before taking medication

Before taking any medication players are advised to check its ingredients on the Global Drug Reference Online website (Global DRO), which will confirm whether the substance is permitted or not. Please note that this website will not confirm the safety of dietary supplements. For information on supplements please see the specific section on this website.