Glasgow 7s Fixtures and Results

Teams compete in pools on the first day, with the winners and runners-up going into the Cup competition on Day Two. The 3rd and 4th placed teams instead go into the bowl competition.

On Day Two, the losers of the opening Cup games go into the plate competition and the losers of the opening Bowl competition matches go on to compete for the Shield.

Saturday Fixtures
1.10:30Fiji26 - 7ArgentinaPool C
2.10:52Wales24 - 19KenyaPool C
3.11:14England21 - 5FrancePool B
4.11:36Canada52 - 0JapanPool B
5.11:58New Zealand26 - 7SamoaPool A
6.12:20South Africa38 - 0PortugalPool A
7.12:42Australia7 - 19ScotlandPool D
8.13:04United States7 - 17SpainPool D
9.13:36Fiji24 - 17KenyaPool C
10.13:58Wales17 - 28ArgentinaPool C
11.14:20England33 - 24JapanPool B
12.14:42Canada28 - 12FrancePool B
13.15:04New Zealand38 - 0PortugalPool A
14.15:26South Africa40 - 0SamoaPool A
15.15:48Australia36 - 7SpainPool D
16.16:10United States0 - 26ScotlandPool D
17.16:47Fiji45 - 0WalesPool C
18.17:09Argentina19 - 33KenyaPool C
19.17:31England7 - 7CanadaPool B
20.17:53France31 - 5JapanPool B
21.18:15Samoa28 - 5PortugalPool A
22.18:37New Zealand19 - 5South AfricaPool A
23.18:59Australia34 - 14United StatesPool D
24.19:21Scotland33 - 12SpainPool D


Sunday Fixtures
25.10:30Samoa31 - 12USAQF Bowl
26.10:52Argentina35 - 7JapanQF Bowl
27.11:14Spain24 - 14PortugalQF Bowl
28.11:36France21 - 7WalesQF Bowl
29.11:58New Zealand19 - 7AustraliaQF Cup
30.12:20Fiji14 - 12EnglandQF Cup
31.12:42Scotland12 - 7South AfricaQF Cup
32.13:04Canada14 - 5KenyaQF Cup
33.13:46USA14 - 19JapanSF Shield
34.14:08Portugal7 - 38WalesSF Shield
35.14:30Samoa12 - 29ArgentinaSF Bowl
36.14:52Spain0 - 24FranceSF Bowl
37.15:14Australia7 - 21EnglandSF Plate
38.15:36South Africa7 - 14KenyaSF Plate
39.15:58New Zealand19 - 14FijiSF Cup
40.16:20Scotland7 - 10CanadaSF Cup
41.16:52Japan12 - 29WalesFinal Shield
42.17:20Argentina14 - 20FranceFinal Bowl
43.17:48England26 - 5KenyaFinal Plate
44.18:16Fiji17 - 10ScotlandThird Place
45.18:50New Zealand54 - 7CanadaFinal Cup