Scottish Rugby’s commitment to equity

Scottish Rugby is committed to promoting and developing equity across rugby and continues to work hard to change the perception of the sport and carry it into many communities where is has not been traditionally been seen as a sport of choice.

Rugby: a sport for all

As part of our commitment we are working towards the Equity Standard: A Framework for Sport which is a collaborative effort between the four national Sports Councils, UK Sport and equity organisations to achieve measurable standards for equity.

Scottish Rugby has been awarded both the Foundation and Preliminary Levels of the Equity Standard.

Achieving the Equity Standard demonstrates our overarching commitment to making rugby a sport for all. It also shows our willingness to identify under-represented groups and put associated actions in place to ensure everyone has a fair chance to take part in rugby making equity integral to everything we do.

Equity Standard: A Framework for Sport in brief (pdf)

Equity in sport: useful contacts (pdf)


Scottish Rugby's equity action plan

To underline our commitment we have developed an Equity Action Plan and an Equity Policy which set out the steps we are taking to promote and develop equity within our programmes and work.

We have consulted on the Equity Action Plan both internally and externally with key organisations such as Scottish Disability Sport, AFRO Scots and Stonewall and have updated the plan taking into account feedback received.

The Equity Action Plan will be monitored closely and will continue to evolve, so please feel free to email your comments to at any time.

Equity policy (pdf)

Equity action plan(pdf)