Fan Q&A: Huw Jones

Fan Q&A: Huw Jones

You asked, he answered...

You asked, he answered…

What was it like to run out at BT Murrayfield for your first home game?

That was amazing, really quite emotional. The atmosphere was incredible so I was really excited, that’s what I remember.

What’s the biggest challenge when stepping up to international level?

It’s the pace of the games and also the physicality. When it gets to international rugby they generally pick the biggest, strongest, quickest guys so the physicality has definitely been a step up.

Did you ever play in any position other than centre?

Growing up I was a scrum-half most of my life, I was quite short at school. I played a bit of fly-half as well and quite a lot of full-back before settling on centre.

Who would win a race from one end of the pitch to the other between you and Hoggy?

(laughs) I’d hope it would be close but I reckon he’d win.

What was it like scoring against the All Blacks in November?

I didn’t really think about it at the time because it was right at the end of the game and I was knackered but looking back, it’s quite an achievement.

What’s your advice to young kids who would like to become professional rugby players one day?

Just enjoy the game. You never know if and when you’re going to get a big break so just enjoy it as much as you can and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Who has been your main influence to motivate you to achieve success?

My Dad and my older brother. My Dad is a teacher and so he’s coached me quite a lot, at school and at my clubs when I was growing up, and my older brother because we used to spend hours in the garden playing one on one.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Fried, sunny side up.

If you weren’t playing for Scotland what would be your dream job?

Probably a professional footballer.

Will you be moving in with Ali Price when Finn Russell moves to Racing 92?

It’s a possibility. We’ve spoken about it, but nothing’s been decided yet. I do have my own bromance going on with Oli Kebble though, so it’d be quite hard to leave him.

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