The FOSROC Super Series Sprint got underway this weekend, with the addition of two new teams! Here's how each game went.

Friday 7 April: Ayrshire Bulls v Glasgow Warriors A

Ayrshire Bulls’ Richie Simpson kicked-off the game at Millbrae under the early April sunset.

Glasgow almost secured the first points but an excellent steal from Ayrshire Bulls allowed Eli Caven to play a kicking game right down the length of the field and dot down under the sticks. Richie Simpson got the extras.

A penalty caused by the Warriors in their own 22 let Richie Simpson take the penalty kick to add three more points to the Bulls’ scoreboard.

A driving maul of light blue let Angus Fraser dive over the white wash and earn Glasgow Warriors’ their opening points. Extras were missed.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 10 – 5 Glasgow Warriors A

Bobby Beattie sliced through the space and a perfectly timed offload to Jamie Shedden was what did it to allow the Bulls to add another five beside the posts. Richie Simpson kicked the extras again.

Glasgow Warriors managed to apply the pressure with some tactical offloads and Ben Salmon got the visitors their second try of the evening. A successful kick from Duncan Weir narrowed the point gap by five points.

Bulls’ hooker Grant Stewart took a crafty sidestep to avoid the Warriors’ defender and army-crawled over the line to give the home team their third try of the night. Richie Simpson’s golden boot yet again kicked the conversion.

A sprint down the pitch for the Bulls let Jamie Shedden earn his second try of the match and his team a try bonus! Eli Caven had his shot at kicking but was unsuccessful, finishing off the scoring for the night.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 29 – 12 Glasgow Warriors A

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Ryan Sweeney (Ayrshire Bulls)

Ayrshire Bulls: Eli Caven, Jamie Shedden (2), Grant Stewart
Glasgow Warriors A: Angus Fraser, Ben Salmon

Ayrshire Bulls: Richie Simpson (3)
Glasgow Warriors A: Duncan Weir


Friday 7 April: Stirling Wolves v Boroughmuir Bears

Host’s Stirling Wolves did not wait long to get some points added on the board. After a successful thrown in just outside the 22, Wolves Ryan Southern dodged past Bears defence to plant the ball under the sticks. Point added by Marcus Holden.

Bears were putting up a fight hoping to add their share to the board but the home team were making it hard for them. Bears Ruairidh Swan seized the loose ball and dived over the line from a couple of yards out. Extras missed.

Great play from Stirling Wolves as they continued to invade the Bears territory but the visitors were holding their own.

An offside penalty was awarded to Wolves with another successful kick from Marcus Holden.

The Stirling Wolves defence was a wall but they can’t defend for long as Bears’ Adam Scott forced his way through to score. Extras missed.

A spectacular box kick on the reverse angle from Bears’ Ruairidh Swan was caught by Jo Jenkins who dots it down for the try. Another tough kick missed by Tom Quinlan.

Bears took the lead for the first time in the game as the first half concluded.

HALF-TIME: Stirling Wolves 10 – 15 Boroughmuir Bears

Stirling Wolves came out the gate fighting with some beautiful offloading early on which helped Ruiridh Knott score the first try of the second half. A successful conversion by Marcus Holden saw the hosts retake the lead.

The Wolves were hungry for more points soon after and there was no stopping the driving force once it got going. Wolves Gregor Hiddleston planted the ball over the line securing their second try in two minutes. Extras added once again by Marcus Holden.

The Bears attempted to secure some ground but a strong Stirling side forced them back every time.

Stirling make one last push in the final minutes with Gregor Smith dotting the ball in the corner and securing the bonus point try for Stirling Wolves. Extras added by Marcus Holden saw the home team comfortably take the win.

FULL-TIME: Stirling Wolves 31– 15 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: Finlay Brown
FOSROC Player of the Match: Ryan Southern (Stirling Wolves)

Stirling Wolves: Ryan Southern, Ruiridh Knott, Gregor Hiddleston, Gregor Smith
Boroughmuir Bears: Ruairidh Swan, Adam Scott, Jo Jenkins

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (4)

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden


Saturday 8 April: Watsonians v Southern Knights

The first Saturday game of the 2023 FOSROC Super Series Sprint kicked off under sunshine at Myreside where Watsonians and Southern Knights fought for their first win.

When a penalty was awarded to Southern Knights just past the halfway line, the visitors made the brave decision to kick for points. And it definitely paid off, as Cal Grieve opened up the scoring for the afternoon.

Watsonians responded quickly close to the posts and Jamie Berrisford, supported by Seb Cecil, managed to push his way past Southern Knights defenders to stretch over the white wash. Captain Lee Millar added the extras.

A penalty try was awarded to Southern Knights for Watsonians forcing a collapse, and Karl Main was sent to the sinbin for ten minutes.

Again, another quick response came from the hosts and Watsonians played a disciplined pick and go close to the try line to get Harrison Courtney over the line. Lee Millar added the extras, bringing Watsonians up by four points at half time.

HALF-TIME: Watsonians 14 – 10 Southern Knights

The second half opened with the second penalty try of the game, this time awarded to Watsonians for another deliberate collapsing scrum, but this time from their visitors. Southern Knights second row Clark Skeldon was shown a yellow and sent off for ten minutes.

The try bonus was up for grabs and Watsonians took it with both hands by driving Cal Davies over the line in the middle of a maul. Lee Millar once again secured the extras.

After multiple phases of pick and gos by the forwards close to posts, a long pass out from Jason Baggott to Lewis Berg allowed the centre to sprint over the line, getting Watsonians their fifth try. Lee Millar’s kick was once again successful.

Another long looping pass by Jason Baggott out to Angus Guthrie on the wing allowed him to scramble past the Southern Knights defenders and add Watsonians’ sixth try of the day. Lee Millar was on fire, adding another two points.

After game play was stopped for a prolonged period of time due to injury, the referee called the end to the game with just under ten minutes to go.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 42 – 10 Southern Knights

Referee: Rob McDowell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Jamie Berrisford (Watsonians)

Watsonians: Jamie Berrisford, Harrison Courtney, PEN TRY, Cal Davies, Lewis Berg, Angus Guthrie
Southern Knights: PENALTY TRY

Watsonians: Lee Millar (6)

Southern Knights: Cal Grieve

Watsonians: Karl Main
Southern Knights: Clark Skeldon


Saturday 8 April: Heriot’s Rugby v Edinburgh Rugby A

They sky greyed as the game got underway at Goldenacre and Edinburgh made fast work out the gate. Seizing the opportunity of Heriot’s Cam Jones’ blind side Edinburgh’s Jamie Hodgson uses his strength to plant the ball down securing the first try of the game. Charlie Savala successfully makes the conversion.

Heriot’s were keen to show the guests they mean business as they pushed back against a strong Edinburgh side. After multiple phases of intense play Finn Douglas used his strength to get himself over the line and add another 5 points to Edinburgh’s lead. Extras were missed.

Edinburgh’s Finn Douglas created a gap in the Heriot’s line which allowed Glen Young to grab the ball and sprint over the whitewash dotting the ball over the line. The wind made it a difficult kick for Savala and he proved unsuccessful.

The guests at Goldenacre continue to dominate the scoreboard as Nathan Sweeny stretches over the line to get the forth try of the game. The wind proved no issue for Savala this time as the ball soared through the posts.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 0 – 24 Edinburgh Rugby A

Heriot’s entered the second half eager to get some points on the board and made good ground on several occasions but a series of fumbles left them empty handed.

The home side was keen to make made their presence known as they remained relentless in the oppositions 22. Captain Ian Wilson drove himself over the line to secure Heriot’s first try of the game. The conversion was missed.

Great strides made by Nathan Sweeny which allowed Edinburgh to enter Heriot’s 22 for the first time in the second half. An interrupted kick from Heriot’s by Harri Morris allows Edinburgh’s Bruce Houston to make use of the gap and score. Houston then successfully converted his own try, further advancing Edinburgh’s lead.

Heriot’s outside centre Matt Davidson came off his position to put some yards on the ground which proved successful as he plants the ball over the line. Conversion was successfully added by Ross Jones.

Hungry for more points Heriot’s Cammy Fenton drove himself over the line with seven minutes left on the clock. Ross Jones proves successful once again with his conversion.

Exploding across the line to get the final try of the match for Edinburgh was Paddy Harrison – Extras missed.

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 19 – 36 Edinburgh Rugby A

Referee: Michael Todd

FOSROC Player of the Match: Jamie Hodgson (Edinburgh Rugby A)

Heriot’s Rugby: Iain Wilson, Matt Davidson, Cammy Fenton
Edinburgh Rugby A: Jamie Hodgson, Finn Douglas, Glen Young, Nathan Sweeny, Bruce Houston, Paddy Harrison.

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (2)
Edinburgh Rugby A: Charlie Savala (2), Bruce Houston

Edinburgh Rugby A: Harri Morris

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