FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 2

FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 2

The FOSROC Super Series Sprint continued this weekend with Round 2. Here's how each game went.

Friday 14 April: Watsonians v Edinburgh Rugby A

After a penalty was awarded to Watsonians for Edinburgh not releasing, Lee Millar kicked off scoring for the evening with a successful kick over the sticks.

The first try of the game came for the visitors after an excellent break, pace and dive over the whitewash from Cam Jones. Bruce Houston kicked a successful conversion.

The pressure was applied once again from the visitors and this time a slice through the defence from Will Butler got Edinburgh Rugby A their second try of the night. Bruce Houston got the extras again.

Edinburgh’s captain Liam McConnel was shown a yellow card for lifting the tackle after the whistle and sent to the sin-bin for 10 minutes.

A driving maul of orange was what did it to get Patrick Harrison over the line and Edinburgh finished the first half another try up. Bruce Houston was on fire, getting his third conversion of the evening.

HALF-TIME:  Watsonians 3 – 21 Edinburgh Rugby A

The try scoring finally came for the hosts in the second half when Neil Irvine-Hess picked up a malfunctioned line out and sprinted down the pitch to just before their try line. The ball was then picked up by Jonny Morris and he was over the whitewash. Captain Lee Millar got the extras.

A perfectly timed pick up from a Watsonians kick let Edinburgh’s Nathan Sweeney sprint down half the pitch, adding Edinburgh’s try bonus. Bruce Houston’s kick was successful once again.

A nifty pass out to the wing let Watsonians’ Ben Riley dot the ball down right in the corner, adding the hosts second try of the evening. Lee Millar’s kick was good.

Edinburgh’s Finn Douglas finished off the scoring for the night with fantastic footwork and a dive over the line to give the visitors their fifth try. Conversion was missed.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 17 – 33 Edinburgh Rugby A

Referee: Finlay Brown
FOSROC Player of the Match: Cam Jones (Edinburgh Rugby A)

Watsonians: Jonny Morris, Ben Reily
Edinburgh Rugby A: Cam Jones, Will Butler, Patrick Harrison, Nathan Sweeney, Finn Douglas

Watsonains: Lee Millar (2)
Edinburgh Rugby A: Bruce Houston (4)

Watsonians: Lee Millar


Friday 14 April: Ayrshire Bulls v Stirling Wolves

As the sun began to set at Millbrae the hosts did not wait long to get the first points on the board. Bulls pushed their way into the Wolves 22 where Richie Simpson finds the gap in the Wolves defence allowing Luca Bardelli to get through to cross over the line for the first try of the match. A successful conversion from Richie Simpson puts the hosts in the lead in the first 3 minutes of game play.

A penalty was awarded for Bulls not rolling away and Wolves Marcus Holden is successful is soaring the ball through the sticks and getting the first points on the board for the visitors.

Wolves’ Glenn Bryce was sent to the sin bin for ten minutes for a deliberate knock on. The Wolves are now down to 14 men and Bulls take full advantage of this straight away with a final push that allows Grant Stewart to come from around the back of the driving force and stretch over the line for the Bulls second try of the game. Conversion was missed.

The home side continued to apply the pressure with some tactical offloads as they made a continuous effort to add more points to their already lead. Luca Bardelli slides into the corner to add his second try of the game to the scoreboard. Extras added by Richie Simpson.

Stirling apply pressure to the home side as they fought to get a try on the board ahead of the half-time whistle. A driving maul in the corner allowed them to make another attack on the Bulls line and Marcus Holden crossed over the white line for the first time during the game. Holden is unsuccessful with his conversion.

Wolves were unable to take advantage of the Bulls 14-man squad after a yellow card was given to Bulls Lewis McNamara and the hosts lead as they entered the break.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 19 – 8 Stirling Wolves

Emotions were high as the second half began. Wolves demonstrated some spectacular defending as the Bulls were not making it easy for them as they stived to stay in their 22. Wolves prop Marius Tamosaitis made incredible strides to put some distance between the Bulls and their try line.

After a short pause in play the driving force of the Bulls were at it again as they ploughed over the line with Grant Stewart delivering his second try of the match and securing the team their bonus point. Extras missed.

In a final push to close the points gap the Wolves hit back with Benedict Grant making it almost all the way but at the last minute having to pass the ball over to Korie Winters who recycles he ball well and dots the ball nicely in the corner. Conversion was unsuccessful.

With no further points added in the remaining ten minutes the home side take the win for the second week in a row.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 24 – 13 Stirling Wolves

Referee: Michael Todd
FOSROC Player of the Match: Luca Bardelli (Ayrshire Bulls)

Ayrshire Bulls: Luca Bardelli (2), Grant Stewart (2)
Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden, Korie Winters

Ayrshire Bulls: Richie Simpson (2)

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden


Ayrshire Bulls: Lewis MacNamara
Stirling Wolves: Glenn Bryce


Saturday 15 April: Heriot’s Rugby v Southern Knights

Heriot’s opened the scoring at sunny Goldenacre with a collective effort maul, driving Wallace Nelson over the line in the corner. Ross Jones’ kick was successful.

The home team’s hooker Cammy Fenton was shown a yellow card for being off the ball after the whistle was blown and would spend the next ten minutes in the sin-bin.

A penalty awarded to Heriot’s in their opposition’s 22 let Ross Jones kick through the sticks and add another 3 points to their scoreboard.

A bouncing ball fell out the clutches of Knights’ Harris Rutherford after a kick and chase but he managed to retrieve it. The stand-off made a neat back handed offload to Allan Ferrie who dashed towards the whitewash, giving the visitors their first try of the afternoon. Kick was made by Callum Grieve.

Heriot’s responded shortly after with another heavy driving maul which pushed Wallace Nelson over the line yet again, adding another five points to the hosts’ scoreboard. Ross Jones made the kick once again.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 17 – 7 Southern Knights

The second half scoring began quickly by Knights’ Robbie Chalmers who managed to sneak through the host’s defence, dotting the ball down for their second try. Extras were missed.

Heriot’s fought back with some pressure of their own and after another driving maul, the backs came into play. The looping passes to the other side of the pitch was what allowed Sam Pecqueur to put his foot on the gas and dive over the whitewash. Ross Jones maintained his 100% kicking record, adding the extras.

After a lengthy period of pick and go’s, the Knights’ defence’s energy dipped and another nifty back door pass to captain Iain Wilson got him over the line and the hosts their bonus try. Ross Jones added yet another conversion.

The fifth try came for the home side shortly after when a collective maul – a recurring element of today’s play – pushed Iain Wilson over for his second consecutive try. Kick was unsuccessful.

Another quick response from the visitors came shortly after and James Bett managed to splinter through the middle of the bunch and fall over the line. Conversion was wide.

An excellent break from Kieran Clark, with the support of Ollie Melville brought play swiftly back up the field. A quick-thinking offload to Callum Grieve was what was needed to get Southern Knights their quick fire final try of the afternoon. The kick was unsuccessful, finalising the score at Goldenacre.

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 36 – 22 Southern Knights

Referee: Ross Mabon
FOSROC Player of the Match: Wallace Nelson (Heriot’s Rugby)

Heriot’s Rugby: Wallace Nelson (2), Sam Pecqueur, Iain Wilson (2)
Southern Knights: Allan Ferrie, Robbie Chalmers, James Bett, Callum Grieve

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (4)
Southern Knights: Callum Grieve

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones


Heriot’s Rugby: Cammy Fenton


Saturday 15 April: Boroughmuir Bears v Glasgow Warriors A

Glasgow Warriors were quick to open the scoring at Meggetland this evening with Gregor Brown landing the first try of the game. A successful conversion by Duncan Weir got the visitors the early lead.

Warriors added more points to their lead with a successful try from Vice Captain Ally Miller as he strikes right through the middle of the Bears defence to plant the ball under the sticks. Duncan Weir added the extras.

A yellow card for Bears Mason Cullen left the home side with a 14-man squad and Warriors made full use of this advantage as a driving maul of blue pushed over the try line once again as Angus Fraser dotted the ball over the whitewash. Weir’s golden boot once again added the extras.

The tries continue in quick succession for Warriors as Euan Ferrie planted the ball right under the posts securing the bonus point for the visitors with only 30 minutes being played. Duncan Weir went four for four with his conversions as he was successful once again.

Bears were fiercely trying to defend their own try line from the Warriors attack as they struggle to make strides. A penalty kick from Duncan Weir sent the ball nicely into the corner for a throw in and the boys in blue pushed it over the line for the penalty try.

The 40-minute mark had already passed but keen to leave the first half with something on the board, Bears Jack Fisher quickly snapped up the ball and brought it into the Warriors 22. A small kick and a chase got underway with Mason Cullen beating out Warriors Duncan Weir to the touch down and secured the home sides first try.

An unsuccessful conversion meant Bears go into the break with only five points on the board while Glasgow Warriors sat comfortably ahead.

HALF-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 5 – 35 Glasgow Warriors A

As the second half got underway the Bears were driven back on every occasion by the Warriors side, but their defence held strong, stopping any points being added in the first 12 minutes of the second half.

After an unsuccessful attempt moments prior when Warriors’ Gregor Brown had caught a high ball and was bundled to the ground on his back. He came back with vengeance to put the first points on the board in the second half with the boys in blue driving maul proving once again successful in getting over the try line. Christian Townsend had taken over from Weir with the kicking and is unlucky as it hits the post and bounces back.

Glasgow Warriors seemed to find their groove and another try quickly followed this time by Ben Afshar, having only been on the field for five minutes he reached over to secure the 7th try for Warriors. Townsend this time was successful with his conversion adding the extra two points to the board.

Both sides began to lose their momentum as they entered the final 15 minutes. However, the Bears threaded the ball through a gap in the Warriors defence and set up Scott Robeson nicely however was dragged down a metre short of the try line. The Bears recycled the ball quickly and Captain Craig Keddie goes over for their second try of the match. Tom Quinlan is successful with the conversion and closes the score gap by another two points.

With two minutes left on the clock Ross McKnight who recently returned to the pitch following a yellow card secured the final try for Warriors. Townsend is successful again in his conversion leaving the visiting team with a stellar win at Meggetland.

FULL-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 12 – 54 Glasgow Warriors A

Referee: Ian Kenny
FOSROC Player of the Match: Gregor Brown (Glasgow Warriors A)

Boroughmuir Bears: Mason Cullen, Craig Keddie
Glasgow Warriors A: Gregor Brown (2), Ally Miller, Angus Fraser, Euan Ferrie, Ben Afshar, Ross McKight

Boroughmuir Bears: Tom Quinlan
Glasgow Warriors A: Duncan Weir (4), Christian Townsend (2)

Boroughmuir Bears: Maison Cullen
Glasgow Warriors A: Ross McKnight

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