Leadership with Stuart Hogg and Rachel Malcolm

Leadership with Stuart Hogg and Rachel Malcolm

Current Scotland captains Stuart Hogg and Rachel Malcolm join Al Kellock and Jamie McMillan to discuss leadership styles on this week's Official Scottish Rugby Podcast.

The captains of both our men’s and women’s teams are on the podcast together for the first time to give an exclusive insight into how they lead their respective international sides.

Hogg, based in Exeter and Malcolm, living in Nottingham discuss in-depth about what it has been like for them as relatively new captains at international level.

“As a captain you have a massive responsibility because you are the voice of your players and your team and you want to represent them well and the way you see yourself as a team and what we have really good within the women’s side is a fantastic culture and the girls attitude across pretty much everything off the field is amazing so it makes my job pretty easy.” – Rachel Malcolm

“I’ve been involved in the leadership groups at both Glasgow and Scotland for maybe five or six years and I was very fortunate to have learnt from you (Al Kellock), one of the best captains I’ve ever played under”
Stuart Hogg

Listen to the full episode below:

“If you’ve got a good relationship with the coaches they trust you to make good decisions on an off the field and it becomes a situation it’s not us and them between the coaches and the players. We pride ourselves at Scottish Rugby as a whole as being As One and that’s massive for us as a team.” – Stuart Hogg

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