Scotland Rugby Quiz: 8

Scotland Rugby Quiz: 8

Virtual pub quizzes have become all the rage since the coronavirus lockdown started, what with video calls being a popular way to stay connected to family and friends.

We’ve pulled together some question inspiration for your next one in the calendar to introduce a Scottish Rugby round and to keep you entertained As One At Home. This has also been shared on our @scotlandteam Instagram Story if you would like to play along there, available to view as a highlight.

Seven on Sevens Quiz

1. Which one of these locations is not on the HSBC World Sevens Circuit in 19/20 season?

Hamilton, Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town

2. Who was the 2017 winner of the London Sevens Series?

Scotland, England, Fiji, USA

3. Most matches played in Sevens?

Scott Riddell, Mark Robertson, Jamie Farndale, Colin Gregor

4. Who is the current Scotland 7s Head Coach?

5. What Edinburgh Rugby player was part of the silver medal winning Team GB at Rio Olympics in 2016?

6.. How many tries has Max McFarland scored so far in the 19/20 season?

7. In what year was the HSBC Sevens Series last held in Scotland?

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