​Tom Kitchin on Monday: Cod and Chickpea

​Tom Kitchin on Monday: Cod and Chickpea

Each day this week, Scottish Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin will be taking you through one of his recipes which you can try at home during lockdown. Please share your pictures or videos on social media with the hashtag #AsOneAtHome and we’ll share the best ones.

Today, Tom will show you how to cook ‘Cod and Chickpea’ and he spoke exclusively to scottishrugby.org to share some of his top tips and advice around this dish to help you along the way.

Tom Kitchin says:

“It is super easy to bring together the cod and chickpea. You can either buy the chick peas cooked in a can which are really good and make it a lot faster and easier or you can cook the chick peas yourself. I did this one with the sports guys in mind. It’s easy to bring together, there are no rules, you are really making a salad. So, we put some feta cheese, we put tomato, basil, red onion, olive oil, little bit of balsamic vinegar. We served it with cod but you could serve it with any fish or even a chicken breast, it would be great with chicken! It’s also very economical, there is a lot of thinking around the price as well and the chick peas fill you up, so you’ll hopefully not going to need a big piece of bread with it and it should fill you up and give you all the nourishment you need.”

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Listen to Tom Kitchin on The Official Scottish Rugby Podcast as the Michelin star chef talks food and rugby.

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