​Tom Kitchin on Tuesday: Leek and Potato Soup

​Tom Kitchin on Tuesday: Leek and Potato Soup

Each day this week, Scottish Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin will be taking you through one of his recipes which you can try at home during lockdown. Please share your pictures or videos on social media with the hashtag #AsOneAtHome and we’ll share the best ones

Today, Tom will show you how to cook ‘Leek and Potato Soup’ and he spoke exclusively to scottishrugby.org to share some of his top tips and advice around this dish to help you along the way.

Tom Kitchin says: “Leek and potato soup is like a Scottish staple with staple ingredients – tatties and leeks. The egg is optional, it was just really the technique of doing the poached egg is interesting and you can use poached eggs with fish, your breakfast – with avocado is very, very popular. But the secret was this, trying to get some of the chef tips across. When you make leak and potato soup you sweat your onions. Then you slice tatties but really thin and then you add the leek. Then you add boiling water on top. The reason we slice the potatoes really thin is because the potato is going to thicken the soup. You cook it as fast as you can and because the potatoes are thin the leek keeps it a really green vibrant colour. So, it was about a little chef trick and how to make a really green soup, because sometimes you look at a really green vibrant soup and it looks really appealing, and sometimes you look at any green vegetable soup that has been overcooked and it has gone that browny, mushy granny soup! The poached egg just adds to it.”

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