Mull Sevens Informal Tour Report

Mull Sevens Informal Tour Report

Incredibly, the Ladies section has appointed a new web correspondent for the coming season: Natalie Nicholls. Incredibly, the Ladies section has appointed a new web correspondent for the coming season: Natalie Nicholls. Without any delay, Natalie starts her new career by providing a report on the Ladies tour to the Mull Sevens. In keeping with the self proclaimed World’s most sociable Sevens, the report appears to have a strong focus on the social aspect of the tour: Well, you know it’s going to be an interesting trip when you start thinking about it properly about one week before you are due to be there. Unfortunately, the usual suspects who organise tour weren’t going, and Alex was left to it, having never organised a tour before. With only 6 of us going, what could go wrong? Well, for starters, a new member of the team who shall not remain nameless for long, managed to forget her wallet in Edinburgh. Stroke of genius. But we all made it to Oban; first stop: the Oban Inn, where a goodly number of other teams had gathered, much to the dismay of the locals. Katherine seemed to be a bit of hit with them though, and I believe Alex was questioned about her concern for her loss of reputation. Or something. After this pub, all piled into some Irish pub, which seemed to be a dodgy version of Drop Kick Murphy’s aka Meatmarket. I have never seen so many dubious blokes (maybe should go out more?), or in one case such a finely developed set of moobs, which moved independently during dancing (manbras patent anyone?). Overall, though, a fitting end to the first night with much drinking and dancing (ignoring the getting hit on by blokes who could be your dad/granddad). Saturday. For the record: it was warm and sunny! And no one fell in the ditch (as far as I know). We got there, a couple by car, and thanks to Cookie’s excellent negotiation skills, some by the Alnwick lads’ bus. Got settled, only to discover that ‘Nae Wallet’ Debbie, was also tentpole-less. Quality. Many attempts at innovation later led to us making sleeping arrangements with other friends. As for the games themselves, you could probably guess the outcomes as we only had 4 players to begin with. We did lots of borrowing, with thanks going to GHA, Lismore and Grangemouth who all lent us players for one game or another. We did manage to win one game, but couldn’t provide you with any details whatsoever, as I was too busy chatting and drinking. Post matche was social and disco: but noone can tell what went on. Last quality moment was Sarah and I packing up the tent, with the car keys still inside, and being oblivious to doing so. Oops. In summary good tour, roll on next year: and only Alex got ticked! NN Published: 31/5/07

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