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Scotland Club XV represent the best of Tennent's Premiership talent with players from clubs across Scotland joining forces to compete on the international stage.

The Scotland Club XV currently play annual fixtures against Ireland to compete for the Dalriada Cup.

Scotland Club International XV Squad 2020

Forwards: Calvin Henderson (Marr), Craig Owenson (Musselburgh), Ewan Bulger (Marr), Ewan MacDougall (Selkirk), Fergus Scott (Currie Chieftains), Fraser Christie (Glasgow Hawks), Gary Strain (Glasgow Hawks), Graeme Carson (Currie Chieftains), Gregor Law (Jed-Forest), James Bett (Selkirk), Jamie Sole (Edinburgh Accies), Matty Carryer (Hawick), Michael Vernel (Currie Chieftains), Nat Coe (Aberdeen Grammar), Ollie Rossi (Marr), Rhys Davies (Currie Chieftains), Robin Cessford (Aberdeen Grammar), Shawn Muir (Hawick), Wallace Nelson (Currie Chieftains), William Farquhar (Marr),

Backs: Aaron McColm (Selkirk), Andrew Mitchell (Hawick), Calum Young (Jed-Forest), Colin Sturgeon (Marr), Conor Bickerstaff (Marr), Scott Bickerstaff (Marr), Grant Mollison (GHA), Greg Montgomery (Marr), Gregor Christie (Currie Chieftains), Gregor Hunter (Currie Chieftains), Jack Preston (Marr), Patrick Boyer (Glasgow Hawks), Richard Mill (Edinburgh Accies), Ryan Cottrell (Selkirk), Steven Hamilton (Currie Chieftains) ,

Coaching Staff: Head Coach Scott Wight (Selkirk), Assistant Coaches: Calum Forrester (GHA), Alasdair O’Connor (Aberdeen Grammar)

2020 Club XV Dalriada Cup Highlights; Ireland vs Scotland at Donnybrook, Dublin

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