Junior Supporters Club

Join the team and become a member of our Official Junior Supporters Club, created especially for Scottish Rugby's youngest fans!


Our Junior Supporters Club has three different memberships, each with different benefits to suit the age of the young Scotland fan and make them the perfect presents:

Up to 4 years: Little Lochies
5-12 years: Junior Thistles 
13-17 years: Scotland Pack

Little Lochies (0-4 years)

Little Lochies is our starter membership for Scotland’s youngest fans. For all those babies who are born Scotland supporters, this is the perfect gift for Christmas, christenings, baby showers, birthdays and more.

The Little Lochies membership pack includes a Little Lochie membership certificate, a “Little Lochie On Board” car sticker, a Scotland bath time rubber duck and a Scotland comfort toy.

We don’t expect our littlest members to renew every year – Little Lochies is really a Scotland supporter “starter pack” – but as we will change its contents from time to time, it might be worthwhile checking back every now and then as your young supporter grows, to see if you’d like a new pack to keep them going until they reach their 5th birthday!

Junior Thistles (5-12 years)

A Junior Thistle Membership gives fans aged between 5 and 12 access to loads of great benefits including exclusive access to our National teams, the chance to be a Scotland mascot, an e-Christmas card sent from the Scotland team and exclusive, member-only digital newsletters packed full of competitions, prize draws and rugby content throughout the year.

The 2023 Membership welcome pack includes a Macron Pompom Hat, a note from Head Coach Gregor Townsend and an official Membership Certificate.

Scotland Pack (13-17 years)

A Scotland Pack Membership gives rugby mad teens aged 13-17 a closer insight into our Scotland teams. Benefits include a complimentary tour of Scottish Gas Murrayfield, an e-Christmas card sent from the team and access to exclusive prize draws, competitions and behind the scenes content throughout the year.

The 2023 Membership welcome pack includes a Macron beanie, a note from Head Coach Gregor Townsend and an Official Membership Card.

Price: £19.99 (UK) Available to BUY NOW

Purchase Information

To the parents/guardians/adults making the purchase: whether or not you already have a Scottish Rugby account please register a new account in the name of the child for whom you are purchasing membership and use your own email address. (As you will see when purchasing, we require consent from the adult making the purchase and will email acknowledgement to the adult’s email address – you need to be over 18 to buy a young person one of these memberships).

All orders will be dispatched within 40 days of purchase. The child’s name and date of birth will only be used for personalising the membership pack items. The registered email address will receive all relevant, exclusive member content and competitions. You can view the full Terms and Conditions below.

More information

Renewing Junior Supporters Club Memberships

To renew your membership, simply log in to your Scottish Rugby account (the one used for purchasing your current Junior Supporters Club membership) and the renewal option will be displayed. For any further help renewing your membership please contact our Ticket Centre on 0131 378 1600, open 10am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Who can buy a Junior Supporters Club membership?

Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase a Junior Supporters Club membership and register someone under 18 for the relevant club, as per the Terms & Conditions (see below)

Little Lochies: Age 0-4 years
Junior Thistles: Age 5-12 years
Scotland Pack: Age 13-17 years

To register please visit our online ticket centre (https://www.eticketing.co.uk/scottishrugby/Memberships/List).

How long does membership last?

Little Lochie memberships last until 4 years of age. We don’t expect our littlest members to renew every year but contents do change from time to time so it’s worth checking back from time to time as your young supporter grows up to their 5th birthday!

Junior Thistles and Scotland Pack memberships last for 12 months from the date of purchase.

How long will my pack take to arrive?

Your ‘welcome packs’ will be distributed within 40 days of purchase.

How do members become a mascot?

All Junior Thistle members (aged 5-12 inclusive) will be automatically entered to an exclusive mascot ballot. The successful winner will be notified via email to the registered account. Winners must be aged between 5 and 12 on the date of the match for which their entry is drawn.

How do I redeem my Scotland Pack Stadium Tour Voucher?

To book your place on a Stadium Tour please email [email protected] or phone the ticket centre on 0131 378 1600 and select option 4 for tour bookings (weekdays 10am-4pm excluding Wednesdays).


Bookings must be made in advance referencing your membership number. U16’s must be accompanied by a paying parent, guardian or other adult who is responsible for their conduct. For more information visit scottishrugby.org/tours


Terms and Conditions


    Terms and Conditions

    The following terms and conditions (the “Membership T&Cs”) apply to all purchaser of the Junior Supports Club (as defined below). Purchase of Junior Supports Club and use of the benefits it confers are subject to these Membership T&Cs.


    1.1. In these Membership T&Cs, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings (unless stated otherwise):

    Member” means each person who is registered as an official member of Scottish Rugby’s Junior Supporters Club and is entitled to the benefits of Membership, subject to these terms and conditions;

    “Membership” means membership of each Junior Supporters Club operated by Scottish Rugby;

    “Membership Benefits” means, in respect of each Junior Supporters Club, the benefits to which a Member of that Junior Supporters Club is entitled, as set out on the Website from time to time;


    “Membership Card” means a card/certificate issued to each Member by Scottish Rugby which evidences Membership by the Member;


    “Junior Supporters Club” means the membership clubs as further described at the below clause 2.1 of these Membership T&Cs;


    “Purchaser” means a person over the age of 18 purchasing the Junior Supporters Club. By purchasing a Membership, the Purchaser certifies that they have read and understood these Membership T&Cs and shall make the Member aware of these Membership T&Cs and shall ensure that the Member complies with these Membership T&Cs;

    “Scottish Rugby” means Scottish Rugby Union Limited;

    “Website” means Scottish Rugby’s website at www.eticketing.co.uk/scottishrugby/; and

    “Year” means the period of 12 calendar months from date of purchase.



    2.1. Membership of the Junior Supports Club will be made available to individuals at Scottish Rugby’s sole discretion. Scottish Rugby currently has three (3) Junior Supports Clubs as follows (as may be amended by Scottish Rugby from time to time):

    Scotland Pack – available to individuals aged between 13 and 17 years old as at the date of initial purchase of the Membership;

    Junior Thistles – available to individuals aged between 5 and 12 years old as at the date of initial purchase of the Membership; and

    Little Lochies – available to individuals aged up to 4 years old as at the date of initial purchase of the Membership.

    2.2. If, during the course of the Year, a Member reaches an age which would place that Member outside the age limits for his/her current Membership, such Member shall continue with his/her Membership (and continue to be entitled to the same Membership Benefits associated with that Membership) until the subsequent Year, at which time the Member will, subject to purchase/renewal, be upgraded to the appropriate Membership for his/her age.

    2.3. Application for Membership shall be made on the official Website. Scottish Rugby reserves the right to refuse any application for Membership in its absolute discretion without giving reasons.


    3.1 As part of the purchase process:

    3.1.1. the Member’s parent and/or legal guardian shall be required to complete the purchase process and agrees to the Member being subject to these Membership T&Cs. The email address of the Members parent and/or legal guardian must be provided as part of the purchase process; or

    3.1.2. If the Purchaser is not the Member’s parent and/or legal guardian, the Purchaser shall be required to confirm as part of the purchase process that they have the consent of the prospective Member’s parent and/or legal guardian to the purchase of the Junior Supports Club for the Member and the parent or guardian agrees to the Member being subject to these Membership T&Cs.

    3.2. The sale of the Junior Supporters Club is subject to the Purchaser providing Scottish Rugby with full payment of the relevant Membership Fee.


    4.1. Your Membership starts from purchase and shall continue for a period of one (1) year.


    5.1. All Members shall be issued with a Membership Card.

    5.2. Membership Benefits will be dispatched within 40 days of purchase.

    5.3 Scottish Rugby may apply a fee in addition to the Membership price to cover the postage costs associated with processing and issuing of the Membership Benefits purchased (including postage and delivery costs to reflect the chosen method of delivery). Any such additional fee will not exceed the relevant costs borne by Scottish Rugby.


    6.1. Each Purchaser and Member acknowledges and agrees that the personal data provided by them to Scottish Rugby shall be collected, stored and used by Scottish Rugby in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU2016/679), the Data Protection Act 2018 and Scottish Rugby’s Privacy Notice (available on the Website: https://www.scottishrugby.org/privacy-policy).

    6.2. Personal data is collected for the purpose of maintaining the Junior Supporters Club, this is required for the performance of these Membership T&Cs.

    6.3. You will receive communications from Scottish Rugby in connection with your membership and benefits. All other marketing communications are managed in accordance with your account settings which you can update in your account preference centre.


    7.1. Scottish Rugby reserves the right to re-brand or otherwise vary any of the Memberships, at any time provided that such variation shall result in the Member receiving the same or substantially similar Membership Benefits to those the Member was entitled to receive prior to such variation. Members may, at the sole discretion of Scottish Rugby, be transferred to such additional or replacement Junior Supporters Club without prior notice provided always that the Member shall be entitled to the same or substantially similar Membership Benefits under the new Junior Supporters Club as the Member was under the Junior Supporters Club from which the Member was transferred.

    7.2. These Membership T&Cs compromise the entire agreement between Scottish Rugby and the Purchaser/Member in relation to the purchase of the Junior Supporters Club and all ancillary benefits.

    7.3. If it is found by a court of competent jurisdiction that any of these Membership T&Cs cannot be enforced for any reason, this will not prevent the other provisions from continuing to apply.

    7.4. These Membership T&Cs are governed by Scots Law and any dispute relating to them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.


    8.1. You can contact Scottish Rugby about these Membership T&Cs by phoning 0131 346 5160 or by emailing [email protected].

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