Youth Cup Competition semi-finals loom

Youth Cup Competition semi-finals loom

It’s been an exciting first-half season in the Youth inspiresport Conferences. Here, we recap the outcomes of the competitions and look ahead to the coveted Youth Cup finals events at BT Murrayfield in December.

In the National Youth Cup and Shield competitions, four quarter finals played out across the U18 and U16 age groups last weekend to progress to a semi-final.

In the U18 and U16 Cup Competition quarter-finalists are comprised of the top four teams from the National Conference, top two teams from the Borders Town Conference and Conference title winners from Caledonia and West.

U18 National Boys Cup

Topping the U18 National Conference was Boroughmuir with 61 points, followed by West of Scotland in second place on 55. Stirling County and West of Scotland drew in the coveted play-off spots on 47 points apiece.

Peebles soared ahead of the competition on 75 points to claim a play-off spot in the Borders Town Conference alongside Gala Wanderers, along with Highland in the Caledonia Conference.

QF1: Boroughmuir v Gala Wanderers (20-6)
QF2: Dumfries Saints v Stirling County (18-24)
QF3: Peebles v Mackie (62-12)
QF4: Highland v West of Scotland (19-34)

Boroughmuir, Stirling County, Peebles and West of Scotland emerged victorious and will now face off in the semi-finals on Saturday 26 November.

SF 1: Boroughmuir v Stirling County
SF 2: Peebles v West of Scotland

U16 National Boys Cup

In the U16 Cup, GHA cleaned up the league with five wins from five to secure a home quarter-final, followed by Boroughmuir, Mackie and West of Scotland.

Kelso managed to pip Gala Red triangle at the post by just one point to claim a play-off spot in the Cup alongside Conference winners Hawick Youth.

QF1: Dumfries Saints v West of Scotland (8-5)
QF2: GHA v Kelso (53-3)
QF3: Ellon v Mackie (29-12)
QF4: Hawick Youth v Boroughmuir (22-21)

Dumfries Saints, GHA, Ellon and Hawick Youth win their quarter-finals and will face off in the semi-finals on Sunday 27 November.

SF1: Dumfries Saints v GHA
SF2: Ellon v Hawick Youth

U18 National Boys Shield

Kelso Harlequins, Ellon, Earlston HS/Melrose Wasps, GHA, Jed-Thistle, Ayr/Wellington, Hawick Youth and Biggar all qualified for the quarter-final stages.

QF1: Kelso Harlequins v Ellon (43-7)
QF2: Earlston HS/Melrose Wasps v GHA (Development Match – GHA supported by another club to field team)
QF3: Jed-Thistle v Ayr/Wellington (Jed-Thistle unable to field team)
QF4: Hawick Youth v Biggar (34-32)

In next weekend’s semi-finals Kelso Harlequins will host Earlston HS/Melrose Wasps, and Ayr/Wellington will take on Hawick Youth.

SF1: Kelso Harlequins v Earlston HS/Melrose Wasps
SF2: Ayr/Wellington v Hawick Youth

U16 National Boys Shield

QF1: Gala Red Triangle v Ayr/Wellington (23-17)
QF2: Peebles v Highlight (29-17)
QF3: Currie Chieftains v Jed-Thistle (26-0)
QF4: Stirling County v Duns (Duns unable to field team)

Qualifying to next weekend’s semi-final rounds are: Gala Red Triangle, Peebles, Currie Chieftains and Stirling County.

SF1: Gala Red Triangle v Peebles
SF2: Currie Chieftains v Stirling County

In the Caledonia and West Conferences, four quarter finals featured last weekend across the U18 and U16 age groups.

U18 Girls National Cup

Two semi-finals will be played on Sunday 27 November in the U18 Girls National Cup. The winners of the two semi-finals will progress to the National Cup Final, and the runners up will face each other in the National Shield Final.

SF1: Edinburgh Harlequins v Tayside
SF2: Stirling County v Biggar

U16 Girls Cup

Two semi-finals will be played on Sunday 27 November in the U16 Girls National Cup. The winners of the two semi-finals will progress to the National Cup Final, and the runners up will face each other in the National Shield Final.

SF1: Stirling County v Dumfries Saints
SF2: Biggar v Murrayfield Wanderers

U16 Girls Plate

The two winners of the semi-finals in the U16 Girls Plate will progress to the finals event.

SF1: Caithness v East Kilbride
SF2: Oban Lorne v Edinburgh Harlequins

U18 Caledonia Conference Cup

QF1: Kelpies/Alloa v Moray/Huntly (5-19)
QF2: Strathmore v Gordonstoun School (36-0)
QF3: Angus Colts v Aberdeen Wanderers (Aberdeen unable to field team)
QF4: Perthshire v Orkney (Orkney unable to field team)

In the semi-finals, Moray/Huntly will take on Strathmore and Angus Colts will face Perthshire.

SF1: Moray/Huntly v Strathmore
SF2: Angus Colts v Perthshire

U16 Caledonia Conference Cup

QF1: Aberdeen Wanderers v Deeside/Garioch (Aberdeen unable to field team)
QF2: Moray/Huntly v Strathmore (59-21)
QF3: Perthshire v Orkney (26-21)
QF4: Dundee Rugby, Kelpies, Kirkcaldy

In error in the score report in the QF4 draw saw Dundee, Kelpies and Kirkcaldy to play a 3-way fixture, where Dundee came out on top to progress to semi-final two, and will face Perthshire.

SF1: Deeside/Garioch v Moray/Huntly
SF2: Perthshire RFC v Dundee Rugby

U18 West Conference Cup

QF1: Cartha Queens Park v East Kilbride (8-24)
QF2: Oban Lorne v Currie Chieftains (10-49)
QF3: Dalziel v Ardrossan/Garnock (22-14)
QF4: Dunfermline v Hamilton (55-7)

Wins for East Kilbride, Currie, Dalziel and Dunfermline see them all into the semi-final stage of the competition.

SF1: East Kilbride v Currie Chieftains
SF2: Dalziel v Dunfermline

U16 West Conference Cup

QF1: Oban Lorne v Whitecraigs (TBC – rescheduled to 20 November)
QF2: Biggar v Stewartry (34-24)
QF3: Dunfermline v Ardrossan (7-24)
QF4: Hamilton v Kilmarnock (17-31)

Biggar, Ardrossan/Cumnock and Kilmarnock have all secured their semi-final spots, with one final place up for grabs between Oban Lorne and Whitecraigs this weekend.

SF1: Biggar v Ardrossan/Cumnock
SF2: Kilmarnock v (Winner of Oban Lorne v Whitecraigs)

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