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Scrum School

To help improve the standard of front row play across Scotland, Scottish Rugby has launched a new programme called Scrum School.

Consisting of a series of practical workshops, online resources, and Skills Camps, Scrum School will set out to break perceptions and provide both coaches and players with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to excel when it comes to scrum time!




Scrums School Timeline

Regional Workshops

The programme will kick off with a series of practical workshops for coaches. These will provide coaches with a great opportunity to break down the core movements and skills to effectively scrummage and deliver various components to individuals, units, and wider squads, as part of our training sessions.

As per the Scottish Rugby Blueprint, Scrum School will work towards creating amazing learning environments for players with the appropriate level of challenge and support to enable players to be more technically and tactically adaptable.

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Regional Skills Camps 

New for Summer 2023, Scottish Rugby are running Scrum School Skill Camps. These camps have been designed for both current front row players looking to improve their skills and also those players who are looking to transition to the front row. Delivered by a high quality educator workforce, possessing age grade and professional playing and coaching experience, the camps provide a step-by-step approach to building confidence in the scrum, while also offering a range of practical tips and tricks for players to take away back to their own environments.

The practical camps are for players aged 15+ and are for both male and female players. Coaches are also welcome to attend to see the training involved and to learn from the deliverers.

Camp Dates & Times



Glasgow and the West


To register for a course, please login to SCRUMS and go to ‘Browse Courses’.


The Scrum School resource is hosted on Hive Learning and contains a wide range of activities for both coaches and players. To access the resource, please login to Hive Learning, then click HERE.

If you do not yet have a Hive Learning account, please register HERE using the Hub Key – SRUTH1872


If you have any questions about Scrum School, please contact [email protected].

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