Inclusion, diversity and wellbeing

Building an inclusive culture

As an employer and National Governing Body, Scottish Rugby is responsible for ensuring all those who wish to participate in rugby union in Scotland are treated fairly.

We want to ensure all barriers to participation in rugby – real or perceived – are removed. This is particularly the case for groups currently underrepresented in our game. And for those who traditionally may not have seen rugby as their sport of choice.

As an employer and governing body, we believe all participants should be given equal opportunity irrespective of age, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender reassignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage & civil partnership or pregnancy & maternity.

We are committed to developing processes, practices and plans to ensure rugby is open to all.

Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility

We are working towards our goal of Scottish Rugby being an organisation where inclusion and diversity are at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are an employee, player, a member club or a sponsor/partner, we want to ensure everyone is treated with dignity, respect and an inclusive mindset.

Having purpose, feeling valued and connected is a key thread that runs through our People, Culture and Engagement business strategy and within our Strategy 2021-2024

Our approach is one of inclusion and diversity (I&D).We have four progressive commitments which will support us to become a truly inclusive and diverse organisation both at work and to work with.

They permeate every aspect of our business, from the expectations we have of our leaders, to the opportunities our people should share, and the people in communities and further afield we work with.

Our Inclusion & Diversity commitments

  1. I&D is everyone’s responsibility: Everyone has responsibility to help grow an inclusive culture; culture is made up by what each of us say and do in the every day.
  2. We promise to keep getting better: We will continually look at examples of best practice and evaluate our processes – both internally and externally. Every one of our people will understand their responsibility to work inclusively and keep learning.
  3. Scottish Rugby is a great place to be: We will make our environment one where excellent people belong, thrive and progress.
  4. We will take a stand: We will use our reputation and influence to lead and advocate diversity, equity and inclusion in our sporting sector, in the environment and in the wider communities within which we operate.

Full details can be found in our Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing policy HERE

We will monitor progress annually and adapt our plans based on impact and updated insights.

Delivering on our commitments

We will do this by focusing on the following:

– Culture and environment – Ensuring Scottish Rugby is a great place to be

– Learning and understanding – Creating learning opportunities for all

– Talent attraction – Attracting, recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse talent

– Inclusive leadership – Providing strong leadership to ensure I&D is integral within the organisational culture

We will adapt the focus for our three main audiences:

– Our People

– Our Players

– Our Clubs

Our Priorities: raising awareness, educating a wide range of stakeholders and delivering critical interventions alongside refreshed policies and guidance.

The Equality Standard

The Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport was launched by the UK Sports Councils to address inequality within the sports sector.

2007: Awarded Foundation Level

2009: Awarded Preliminary Level

2014: Awarded Intermediate Level

We continue to work towards the advanced level standard.

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