Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the section of the Scottish Rugby website which provides guidance in relation to regulatory matters. For ease of reference we have grouped this into six broad areas. You can see more on this by clicking the boxes below.

The Scottish Domestic Regulations

Scottish Rugby is obliged to comply with World Rugby’s Regulations Relating to the Game, which are applicable throughout the game. To reflect our own unique environment we have supplemented these with our own Scottish Domestic Regulations (“SDRs”). We collectively refer to World Rugby Regulations and the Scottish Domestic Regulations simply as the “Regulations”.

All those within Scottish Rugby’s jurisdiction are required to comply with the Regulations.

In addition there are a range of other areas, some of which are regulated by third parties, where we are able to provide regulatory advice and support. These topics include matters such as Child Protection.

If you can’t find the regulatory information you are looking for, or have a specific query on any regulatory issue, please contact a member of Scottish Rugby’s regulatory team:

Graham Ireland: Email [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5004 | Richard McGhee: Email [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5029.

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