Caledonia retain title at Fosroc 4s

Caledonia retain title at Fosroc 4s

Teams from around Scotland returned to Oriam on Sunday 23 February for the fourth annual U17 FOSROC 4s. The tournament was devised as a way for age-grade teams to showcase their rugby skills against others across the country.

Some 450 people gathered to watch Caledonia, The Borders & East Lothian, Edinburgh and Glasgow & The West play the six short matches.

The concept of the FOSROC 4s allows the teams to experience playing in a fast-paced environment in front of Scotland’s U17 coaches.

The format and law adaptations are aligned to support Scottish Rugby’s Technical Blueprint paper, which is a set of aims designed to develop adaptive play and coaching.

It has the objective of increasing ball in play time, maintaining speed and intensity and developing independent decision making all under the pressure of the shorter game time.

Scottish Rugby’s Performance Projects & Talent ID Manager, Grant McKelvey, said: “From a pure player-development angle we use the “Game Adaptations” in this event to place an emphasis on Scottish Rugby’s ‘Technical Blueprint’ in both attack and defence.

“The format allows players to develop skills under pressure and generate game intensity.

“The rationale behind the basic principles is to increase the time the ball is in play, generate and maintain rugby speed and promote positive, adaptive play and decision-making under pressure, with minimal coaching interventions when the ball is in play.

“This has been the best attended fixture in this format to date and I’m sure the players, especially in the final two ties of the day when everything was at stake, were aware and appreciative of the support they were receiving from the touchlines from parents and supporters.”

The Borders & East Lothian got off to a promising start with an early try in the first three minutes of their first game against Edinburgh, ultimately winning the match 14-12.

However, the other matches they contested saw them lose to Glasgow & the West and Caledonia, and as a result landed in fourth place.

Edinburgh were on the losing side in their first two games against The Borders & East Lothian and Caledonia but managed to redeem themselves in their final game against Glasgow with the full-time score of 20-7.

Glasgow got off to a flying start, winning their first two games against Caledonia and The Borders & East Lothian, with high scores in both encounters. However, Edinburgh managed to steal the win in their last match, to ensure Glasgow finished the day in second place.

The overall winners on the day, Caledonia, got off to a disappointing start – by narrowly losing their first match against Glasgow – but came back in their following two games with a 15-12 win against Edinburgh and a 22-0 win against The Borders & East Lothian.


The Borders & East Lothian 14-12 Edinburgh

Caledonia 10-15 Glasgow & the West

Edinburgh 12-15 Caledonia

The Borders & East Lothian 0-17 Glasgow & the West

Edinburgh 20-7 Glasgow & the West

The Borders & East Lothian 0-22 Caledonia

The Borders & East Lothian

Jamie Gordon (Galashiels Academy/Wanderers), Corey Tait (Hawick HS/RFC), Hamish Mollart (Loretto School), Andrew Cochrane (Selkirk HS/RFC), Keegan McCowan (Jed GS/Jed Thistle), Jonny Rutherford (Eyemouth HS/Duns), Ben Rutherford (Kelso HS/RFC), Finlay Sinclair (Peebles HS/RFC), Cian Riddell (Hawick HS/RFC), Harris Rutherford (Galashiels Academy/Wanderers), Archie Pilcher (Berwickshire HS/Duns), Murray Wilson (Galashiels Academy/Wanderers), Elliott Stranger (Hawick HS/RFC), Ben Evans (Stewart’s Melville College), Matt Reid (Galashiels Academy/Wanderers), Sam Johnston (Galashiels Academy/Wanderers), Joe Nobel (Lasswade HS/Melrose), Finlay Hamilton (Berwickshire HS/Duns), Hugo Eldar (Knox Academy/Haddington), James Wieczysty (Jed GS/Jed Thistle), Modestas Mozuratis (Eyemouth Hs/Duns), Jay Coltman (Strathallan School/Peebles), Taylor Wilson (Dunbar GS/RFC), Ben Lynch (Earlston HS/Melrose), Lewis Eldar (Jed GS/Jed Thistle), Emmanuel Falomo (Ross HS/RFC), Freddie Lambert (Loretta School), Harry Bone (Loretto School), Cameron Thompson (Kirkham Grammar/Kelso).


Daniel MacIntosh (Dunfermline), Alastair Licence (Dollar Academy), Moby Ogunlaja (Dundee Rugby), Finlay Hagen (Ellon Rugby), Jake Spurway (Glenalmond), Ethan Parkins (Dollar Academy), Rory Sangster (Glenalmond), Malachy Keough (High School of Dundee), Finlay Burgess (Deeside), Callum Beckett (Strathallan), Andrew Lothian (High School of Dundee), Adam Wight (Merchiston), Finlay Foulkes (Howe of Fife), Henry Clark (Howe of Fife), Ruan Van Rensburg (Howe of Fife), Ryan Powles (Howe of Fife), Angus Neville (High School of Dundee), Adam Flynn (High School of Dundee), Harris Macleod (Strathallan), Duncan Webb (Strathallan), Charlie Robins (Dollar Academy/Hillfoots), James Stockwell (Howe of Fife), Scott Sherriff (Sterling County), Ben Salmon (Dollar Academy), Callum Stephen (Deeside), Cameron Blance (Sterling County).


Connor Myles (George Watson’s College), Mike Cantle (George Watson’s College), Guy Napier (Merchiston Castle School), Alex Burns (Edinburgh Academy), Charlie Pattison (Fettes College), Finlay Duraj (Lasswade High School), Tom Logan (Merchiston Castle School), Lachlan McGrigor (Stewarts Melville College), Brodie Young (George Watson’s College), David Macrae (Edinburgh Academy), Matthew Bradshaw (Currie Chieftains), Daniel King (Stewarts Melville College), Cameron Campbell (Edinburgh Academy), Alex Callaway (Merchinston Castle School), Harvey Cameron Burr (Edinburgh Academy), Struan Stark (George Heriot’s School), Braydon Lynes (George Watson’s College), Reuben Maloney ( Boroughmuir Rugby), Josh Mauritzen (George Heriots School), Ruadhri O’Donnell (Currie Chieftains), Adam McNeill (Edinburgh Academy), Jamie Burns (Stewarts Melville College), Laurence Linklater (George Heriot’s School), Ben Murray (Edinburgh Academy), Bruce McNulty (Stewarts Melville College), Torquil Macleod (Fettes College).

Glasgow & the West

Josh Morrison (Lenzie), Aidan Trim (Kelvinside Academy), Aidan Little (Dumfries Saints), Zak Simpson (GHA), Sean Douglas-Kellie (Cartha Queens Park), Bryn Docherty (The Glasgow Academy), Jamie McEntegart (St Aloysius College/GHA), Kieran McCann (Marr), Ewan McAra (Strathaven), Glen Little (GHA), Luke Donald (Cumnock), Nairn Calder (Marr), Duncan Munn (Kelvinside Academy), Charlie Kennedy (The High School of Glasgow), Aiden O’Connor (Ayr), Connor Wilson (Ayr), Harry Mackenzie (GHA), Ben Watson (Dumfries Saints), Ruari Campbell (GHA), Archie Damer (Biggar), Alex Cobb (Hutchesons’ Grammar), Callum Smith (Glenalmond College/Biggar), Andrew Lamb (Biggar), Lewis Young (Cumnock), Michael Girdler (Biggar), Ellis Hunter (Oban Lorne).

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