Commentators Team of the Championship | 2022 FOSROC Super6

Commentators Team of the Championship | 2022 FOSROC Super6

Every game in the FOSROC Super6 Championship has been broadcast live, as such we called up on some of the commentators who have called the games to give us a Commentators Team of the Championship.

You can vote for your FOSROC Super6 Team of the Championship HERE before we publish a Supporters Team of the Championship next month. 

Each of the seven commentators were allocated certain positions each and here’s who they’ve nominated as the best of the best in this year’s FOSROC Super6 Championship:

1 – Harrison Courtney (Watsonians)
Nominated by Dale Clancy who said: “A player who has been formidable in the scrum and tireless in open play. His work rate is exceptional as is his positional play in defence and attack. His inclusion in the Watsonians side is close to having another loose forward on the pitch.

2 – Cal Davies (Watsonians)
Nominated by Jamie Lyall who said: “A tireless ball carrier and leader who has spearheaded his team’s run to the FOSROC Super6 Final, he’s been a key cog in Watsonians’ set-piece menace.”

3 – Michael Scott (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Dale Clancy who said “Another player who has produced consistent performances centred around his impact at the set piece. A vital weapon in the Bulls arsenal who uses his size and power in defence to great affect too.”

4 – Ed Bloodworth (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Jamie Lyall who said: “A Hard-nosed, dependable, excellent set-piece operator and with a massive engine. Everything you want from your number-four lock. Another fine season for the Ayrshire Bull”.

5 – Jamie Berrisford (Watsonians)
Nominated by Jamie Lyall who said: “Berrisford complements Bloodworth’s grunt with flourishes of skill in open prairie. A try haul of five, and some brilliant line-breaking carries and offloads.”

6 – Rudi Brown (Southern Knights)
Nominated by Hugh Dan MacLennan who said: “Rudi is one of Scottish Rugby’s brightest young prospects who has quickly established himself at age-grade rugby and has, this season, played outstandingly well in a Southern Knights team which has often been playing on the back foot. His aim is to become a full international and with his skill-set, work ethic and recognition already as Player of the Match at FOSROC Super6 level, there are very few who would bet against that.”

7 – Iain Wilson (Heriot’s Rugby)
Nominated by Hugh Dan MacLennan who said: “A club legend and former captain, Wilson deserves his place for his outstanding contribution as an individual and also as a team player with superb vision, pace, dynamism and opportunistic contributions in open play in particular, all of which he has achieved despite the fact that he lost a considerable amount of playing time to serious injury some years ago.”

8 – Blair Macpherson (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Hugh Dan MacLennan who said: “Blair must be a coach’s dream with his consistency, outstanding leadership qualities and all round dynamism setting a very high standard for his fellow forwards and the rest of the squad every time he dons the jersey.  A terrific leader and would be an asset to any club”.

9 – Jordon Lenac (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Stuart McAvoy who said: “The heartbeat of this Ayrshire team, also been a calming influence for young Richie Simpson at 10. Has great variety in his kicking game and very smart when picking the correct moment to look for a break. His support lines have been very impressive throughout the campaign, and he made team of the week in round two. Himself and Cam Jones have played a pivotal role in getting the Bulls to the final”.

10 – Jason Baggott (Watsonians)
Nominated by Stuart McAvoy who said: “Has taken the ball flat to the line over the last few months and been instrumental in making the Watsonians back line tick. His short kicking game has caused all sorts of problems for defences and his decision making always seems to be on point, it excelled in round 10 against Heriot’s. Not afraid to score tries himself like he did earlier on in the season against the Bulls. Has also managed 45 points in the competition so far and been pretty reliable from the kicking tee.

11 – Eli Caven (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Bruce Millar who said: “His try-scoring record speaks for itself. He is fast and powerful, with a great work ethic. He regularly pops up in the midfield where his exceptional footwork and lightning acceleration get him through spaces other players simply can’t”.

12 – Robert (Bobbie) Beattie (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Stuart McFarlane who said: “Bobby Beattie’s return from injury for the play off semi-final match with Boroughmuir saw him play at 13 for the first time this season but he produced some really strong performances at 12 in the early part of the competition.  He scored a brace of tries against Heriot’s which helped the reigning champions start their defence in strong and decisive fashion and has had strong competition for that 12 jersey in the form of Andy Stirratt”.

13 – Lewis Berg (Watsonians)
Nominated by Stuart McFarlane who said: “Lewis Berg has been a consistently high performer during the course of the season with only once absence from a Watsonians side who finished the regulation season top.  He’s scored tries against Southern Knights, Heriot’s and Stirling.  A powerful break away runner he has always looked comfortable and a danger in the 13 jersey”.

14 – Aidan Cross (Southern Knights)
Nominated by Bruce Millar who said: “He is always willing to back his pace and take on his opposite number on the outside and is deceptively strong when running off his centres in the tighter spaces in midfield”.

15 – Dom Coetzer (Watsonians)
Nominated by Paul Mitchell who said: “An easy choice at 15 for his work over the whole season, Coetzer has been near faultless in both attack and defence throughout the season. He brings a solid presence at 15 in attacking terms and a comfort blanket when it comes to defending.”

16 – Jerry Blyth-Lafferty (Boroughmuir Bears)
Nominated by Jamie Lyall who said: “One of the youngest players in the tournament with a very high ceiling. The teenager is a ferocious carrier and tackler, he looks a safe bet for a professional debut within the next few seasons.”

17 – Andrew Nimmo (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Dale Clancy who said: “Nimmo has played a starring role in a competitive front row for the Bulls. He has regularly provided a solid platform to launch attacks from as well as getting on the scoresheet at important times”.

18 – Euan McLaren (Heriot’s Rugby)
Nominated by Dale Clancy who said: “The top two sides have not provided all the stand-out front-row forwards this season. McLaren has helped provide a robust scrum at Goldenacre as well as being an anchor in their well drilled maul!”

19 – Benedict Grant (Stirling Wolves)
Nominated by Hugh Dan McLennan who said: “An explosive player who rarely fails to catch the eye and is often a game-changer, his combative and rumbustious style make him a fans’ favourite and opposition nemesis, although the medical team might like to be seeing less of him as his approach to the game inevitably leads to various knocks and bumps.”

20 – Kwagga Van Niekerk (Watsonians)
Nominated by Stuart McVoy who said: “Excellent earlier on in the season against Stirling Wolves on a try scoring player of the match performance. Whether he starts or comes off the bench he adds something different. Can play across the back-row with his versatility and has been effective when carrying ball in recent weeks.”

21- Andy Stirrat (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Stuart McFarlane who said: “For me Andy Stirratt just nudges it but credit should go to the likes of the ever reliable Ross Jones of Heriot’s who has played well during his time in the Goldenacre side”.

22 – Lomond Macpherson (Watsonians)
Nominated by Bruce Millar who said: “Another busy player with great footwork and pace, his ability to attack from deep always guarantees excitement”.

23 – Liam McNamara (Ayrshire Bulls)
Nominated by Paul Mitchell who said: “McNamara gets the nod from the bench a solid full-back all Championship he’s created a good few of Bulls tries”

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