FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 2

FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 2

It was another big weekend of fixtures in Round 2! Here's how each game went.

 Friday 4 August: Stirling Wolves v Ayrshire Bulls

After some very controlled phases from the Wolves, Gregor Hiddleston got their first five points on the scoreboard in the 8th minute by crashing through the Bulls defence. Marcus Holden secured the extras from close range.

The first try came for the Bulls after 23 minutes when Andrew Stirrat managed to break away from a tackle and sprint towards the try line. Ross Thompson got the extras making the score level.

Stirling Wolves grabbed their next try when Mikey Heron managed to break his way through Bulls defence and stretch over the line to squeeze the ball in the corner. Marcus Holden used his accurate boot to secure the extras once again, concluding the scoring for the first half.

HALF TIME: Stirling Wolves 14 – 7 Ayrshire Bulls

The first score of the second half came for the Bulls when a heavy driving maul got them close to the try line and a quick break away allowed Blair MacPherson to crash over the line. Ross Thompson got the extras, bringing to score equal once again.

Shortly after, a line out close to the try line allowed the Bulls to bring the ball out wide to winger Thomas Glendinning who sprinted over the try line. The kick was good from Ross Thompson.

After spotting a space in the Wolves’ defence, Luca Bardelli put his foot on the gas and sprinted over the try line, bringing the Bulls up another five points. Rodrick-Evans got the extras again.

The Wolves’ bit back almost immediately when a break away from the maul let the hosts to get the ball out to Ross McKnight on the wing who managed to dive and squeeze the ball in the corner.

Ross McKnight found space in the Bulls defence once again and secured another try right under the sticks for the hosts. Marcus Holden managed to get kick – finalising the scoring for the evening.

FULL TIME: Stirling Wolves 26 – 28 Ayrshire Bulls

Referee: Ian Kenny

FOSROC Player of the Match: Andy Stirrat (Ayrshire Bulls)


Stirling Wolves: Gregor Hiddleston, Mikey Heron, Ross McKnight (2)
Ayrshire Bulls: Andrew Stirrat, Blair Macpherson, Thomas Glendinning, Luca Bardelli


Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (2)
Ayrshire Bulls: Ross Thompson (2), Brad Rodrick-Evans (2)


Friday 4 August: Watsonians v Southern Knights

Watsonians began the scoring for the evening when George Pringle sprinted towards the 22 and passed to Freddie Owsley who dived over the line. Jason Baggott made the extras.

It only took another four minutes for the hosts to score again. After a nifty offload from Kody McGovern to Freddie Owsley saw him brought down just before the try line, the ball was then recycled by Murray Scott who passed to Campbell Wilson who fired over the line. Jason Baggott converted.

The first score for the visitors came just after nine minutes when a slick offload from Hamish Bentley to Calum Barrett allowed the winger to side step past Watsonians defence and over the line. Cal Grieve made a successful kick.

A scrum only five meters from the line was what allowed Kwagga Van Niekirk to push his team mate Kieran Watt over the whitewash, adding another five to the hosts scoreboard. Jason Baggott’s boot was good again.

Freddie Owsley secured his second try of the night shortly after when his chip and chase let him sprint towards the try line and dot down.

The Knights added their second try when a strong offload from Harry Borthwick to Will Ferrie let the flanker find good space and dive over the line.

Right on half time, another score came for the visitors when Cal Grieve’s perfectly timed and placed cross kick set up the opportunity for Calum Barrett to fall over the line. Grieve converted, finishing the scoring for the first half.

HALF TIME: Watsonians 26 – 19 Southern Knights

After the Knights conceded a penalty, Jason Baggott kick to touch just short of the try line. The driving maul that was a result of their line out let Campbell Wilson crash over the line, adding his second try of the evening. Baggott converted again.

Another score came for the hosts after a lull in play when Kwagga Van Niekirk tanked past the Knights defence to secure the try in the corner. Baggott’s reliable boot completed the round of points.

On the 80th minute the Knights secured their bonus point try when Theo Nwosu-Hope barged over the line on his debut. Harris Rutherford secured the extras.

FULL TIME:  Watsonians 40 – 28 Southern Knights

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell

FOSROC Player of the Match: Jason Baggott (Watsonians)


Watsonians: Freddy Owsley (2), Campbell Wilson (2), Kieran Watt, Kwagga Van Niekirk
Southern Knights: Calum Barrett (2), Will Ferrie, Theo Nwosu-Hope


Watsonians: Jason Baggott (5)
Southern Knights: Cal Grieve (2), Harris Rutherford


Saturday 5 August: Boroughmuir Bears v FOSROC Future XV

The Bears didn’t waste any time on getting the ball rolling as within three minutes, they had already taken a rumbling maul towards the try line, crashing hooker Arthur Allan over. George Paul got the extras.

Almost immediately the FOSROC Future XV responded and an excellent sidestep from Amena Casaqua got the men-in-red up the pitch. Quick hands got the ball to Callum Smyth who’s perfectly timed offload landed with Euan McAra who was over the line.

After a series of pick and goes, the FOSROC Future XV forwards pushed hard to get the team towards the line. Jake Spurway stretched over the whitewash, bringing the visitors up another five points.

Another quick response saw the Bears drive a heavy maul with hooker Arthur Allan at the helm over the line once again. George Paul converted.

The Futures next try came from second row Fraser Wilson who made the stretch over the line after another series of pick and goes. Isaac Coates got the conversion, bringing the visitors out in front.

After the Bears were awarded a penalty advantage, a looping pass out to Joe Jenkins on the wing paid off, and he was over for his team’s third try.

A heavy driving maul from a line out let Bears hooker Arthur Allan get his hat trick try, successfully converted by George Paul.

On the 37th minute, a gap in the Futures defence was found by George Paul who sprinted to dive right under the posts. He converted his own try.

HALF TIME:  Boroughmuir Bears 33 – 17 FOSROC Future XV 

The Futures began the scoring for the second half when Scott Watson got his hands on the ball after a couple of turnovers and dotted down in the corner.

A line out close to their try line let the Bears push over another heavy driving maul. This time it was captain Craig Keddie who did the honours, adding another try to his teams roster. George Paul converted from the touch line.

Another try for the Bears came in the 55th minute when Euan Muirhead found a massive gap in the Futures defence and made a solo sprint to the white wash.

The Bears’ scored their seventh try on the 60th minute when the ball was passed out to full back Euan Muirhead on the wing and he dotted down in the corner. Conversion was made by George Paul.

Play out from the scrum got the ball to Mason Cullen who, through a nifty step back on himself to avoid the Futures defenders, let him add his try to the Bears’ scoreboard. Callum Anderson made the extras.

The Futures managed to break the Bears’ try-scoring streak when Charlie Farmer made a dash for the try line, converted by Isaac Coates.

There was almost another try in quick succession for the Futures, but a knock on right on the try line robbed the team of the points.

They redeemed themselves on the final minute when Amena Casaqua sprinted down the wing, adding the final try of the evening. Isaac Coates’ boot was good.

FULL TIME:  Boroughmuir Bears 59 – 36 FOSROC Future XV 

Referee: David Sutherland

FOSROC Player of the Match: George Paul (Boroughmuir Bears)


Boroughmuir Bears: Arthur Allan (3), Joe Jenkins, George Paul, Craig Keddie, Euan Muirhead (2), Mason Cullen
FOSROC Future XV: Amena Casaqua (2), Euan McAra, Jake Spurway, Fraser Wilson, Scott Watson, Charlie Farmer


Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul (6), Callum Anderson
FOSROC Future XV: Isaac Coates (3)


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