FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 4

FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 4

The 2023 FOSROC Super Series Championship continued this weekend with Round 4! Here's how each game went.

Friday 18 August: Ayrshire Bulls v Heriot’s Rugby

In a repeat from the Super Series Sprint decider match in May Heriot’s Rugby once again made the journey to Millbrae to face the Ayrshire Bulls.

The game began with a Super Series record – Ayrshire Bull’s Luca Bardelli flew up the wing to score the host’s first try in the first 10 seconds of the game after catching the ball straight from kick-off. Conversion went wide.

A pickup and go from the back of the maul for Captain Blair MacPherson followed by a series of successful passes out wide proved fruitful as it found the hands of Luca Bardelli for the second time this evening and he dotted the ball down in the corner. Brad Roderick-Evans’ kick was successful, and he added the extras.

The Ayrshire Bulls once again quickly found themselves inside the Heriot’s 22 and this time it was skipper Blair MacPherson who crashed over the whitewash for the try. Extras were added.

Heriot’s Sinjin Broad’s powerful kick from the back of the scrum was intercepted by Ryan Sweeney who sprinted the ball within the 5-metre line before a cheeky inside pass to Lewis McNamara allowed him to ground the ball for the bonus point try before the first half was over. Evans’ conversion was successful once again.

Blair MacPherson found himself diving over the try line for the second time in the evening as he once again scooped the ball up from the back of the scrum and this time drove himself over the line. Evans’ golden boot was successful once again and the host’s stormed into the lead at half time.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 33– 0 Heriot’s Rugby

Heriot’s must have had a powerful pep talk in the changing rooms as they scored their first try just three minutes into the second half. A series of slightly fumbling passes eventually found the hands of Liam Richman as he crashed over the try line for the visitors’ first try of the game. Conversion from Bruce Houston was successful.

Referee Jonny Perriam pulled a yellow from his pocket for Bulls’ Crag Miller for an illegal clear out at the ruck. Making full use of the opposition being a man down – the boys in blue delivered a powerful driving maul for their second try. As it creeped its way to the try line and it was Wallace Nelson who went over, and their comeback was well underway. Houston added the extras.

As the rain started at Millbrae the play was getting heated but neither team could put that energy into points until the final 5 minutes of play. Heriot’s Matt Davidson fell short of the try line but a successful offload to Euan McAra secured the visitors’ third try of the second half. Conversion was successful.

Despite Heriot’s best efforts they couldn’t quite do enough to catch up with the lead Bulls had created in the first half and the hosts were victorious in what was truly a game of two halves.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 33 – 21 Heriot’s Rugby

Referee: Jonny Perriam
FOSROC Player of the Match: Blair MacPherson (Ayrshire Bulls)

Ayrshire Bulls: Luca Bardelli (2), Blair McPherson (2), Lewis McNamara
Heriot’s Rugby: Liam Richman, Wallace Nelson, Euan McAra

Ayrshire Bulls: Brad Roderick-Evans (4)
Heriot’s Rugby: Bruce Houston (3)

Ayrshire Bulls: Craig Miller


Saturday 19 August: Stirling Wolves v FOSROC Future XV

The first try came for the Stirling Wolves in the third minute after a successful line out allowed a strong driving maul to push Reyner Kennedy over the line. Marcus Holden converted.

A loose ball out of the ruck and a lack of Future defence allowed the ball to be run right down the pitch and picked up by Kyle McGhie who was over the white wash. Marcus Holden got the extras.

The Wolves’ third try came in the 17th minute when after a series of phases the ball was passed out to fullback Glenn Bryce on the wing who made a nifty step back on himself to avoid defence and sprint over the line.

Another score for the Wolves came in short succession when an end to end run through Ross McKnight, Ryan Southern, Kyle McGhie and Sam Rockley let Marcus Holden dot down. Holden converted his own try.

The hosts were on fire when Glenn Bryce got his second try of the day by slipping through the Futures defence. Marcus Holden’s boot was reliable again, completing the score.

Another score came for the Wolves through hooker Reyner Kennedy who at the helm of a driving maul, was pushed over the white wash. Marcus Holden once again got the extras.

A few minutes later Glenn Bryce got his hat trick when Ed Timpson put his foot on the gas and powered past defence, passing out to the fullback who was over the line. Marcus Holden made a successful kick.

The first try for the FOSROC Future XV finally came in the 36th minute when a collective effort from Callum Ferrie and Josh Beveridge got the team up the field and out to wing Amena Caqasau who dived between the sticks. Fergus Watson made the extras.

The Wolves responded almost immediately by slipping through the defence to allow Kyle McGhie to dot down just left of posts. Marcus Holden’s kick was good.

On half time, the hosts were over for their ninth try when the ball was passed out to Samuel Rockley on the wing who touched the ball down in the corner. Marcus Holden finished off the first half scoring with a successful kick.

HALF-TIME: Stirling Wolves 61 – 7 FOSROC Future XV

The scoring for the second half was opened up when the Future XV got the ball out to speedy wing Amena Casaqua who put his foot on the gas and dotted down under the sticks. Fergus Watson’s kick from short range was successful.

The Wolves continued their try scoring for the second half in the 53rd minutes when a quick take from an over thrown line out let Reyner Kennedy squeeze into the corner.

The Wolves got their next try in quick succession when an end to end run from Ross McKnight allowed them to add yet another five points.

Another sprint down the length of the field for the Wolves from Eric Davey added another five points. Craig Jackson’s kick curved through the sticks.

A heavy driving maul close to the line was enough to push Gregor Hiddleston over the line. Craig Jackson made another successful conversion.

Another close scrum on their own line let Craig Jackson feed to Sam Rockley who was over for the final try. Craig Jackson completed the points on the final whistle with a successful kick.

FULL-TIME: Stirling Wolves 92 – 14 FOSROC Future XV

Referee: David Sutherland
FOSROC Player of the Match: Glenn Bryce (Stirling Wolves)

Stirling Wolves: Reyner Kennedy (3), Kyle McGhie (2), Glenn Bryce (3), Marcus Sam Rockley (2), Ross McKnight, Eric Davey, Gregor Hiddleston
FOSROC Future XV: Amena Casaqau (2)

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (8), Craig Jackson (3)
FOSROC Future XV: Scott Watson (2)


Saturday 19 August: Boroughmuir Bears v Southern Knights

An early penalty for Southern Knights opened the scoring on Saturday evening and as Callum Grieve’s kick soared through the posts the visitors took and early lead.

Hot off their penalty the Knights drive themselves into the Bears’ 22 – a driving line out is cut short by the referee; however the forwards found a work around with some strong throws and it was Corbin Thunder who crashed over the try line. Grieve’s conversion was successful.

The hosts were not about to let the visitors off lightly as a pack effort from the Bears in the form of a driving maul saw them go over the try line for the first time in the match. Trystan Andrews scooped the ball up from the back of the maul and secured the home side their try. Conversion was unsuccessful.

A series of successful phases of play from the Bears saw Max Loboda ground the ball over the line amongst the tangle of player limbs. The wind was working against all kicks at Meggetland and George Paul’s conversion went wide.

A penalty kick brings the ball into the corner and the Knight’s forwards work hard once again in a powerful driving maul which allowed Corbin Thunder his second try of the evening. Conversion was unsuccessful.

The Bears trick the Knight’s defence as George Pul’s dummy pass is enough to throw them off as he offloaded to outside centre Joe Jenkins, and he dotted the ball in the corner. Conversion was unsuccessful.

Hot off his try the referee drew a yellow Card for Bears Joe Jenkins for a late tackle just ahead of the break. A clean break away by Knight’s Garry Young allowed for some fast hands inside the Bear’s 22 and it was Paddy Anderson who planted the ball into the corner. Conversion was missed but was not needed as the visitors went into the break ahead.

HALF-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 15 – 20 Southern Knights

The Bears did not want a defeat on home soil, and they were quick to close the Knight’s first half lead. A lineout driving maul saw Kieran Westlake over the try line for the Bears’ bonus point try. Conversion was unsuccessful for the 4th time this evening.

What was quickly becoming the Bears’ go-to move another driving maul saw them close the gap towards the try line. The ball was picked up by George Paul who offloaded to Euan Muirhead who broke through the Knights defence untouched for the try. Paul’s kick is successful for the first time in the game.

The Southern Knights defence were feeling the pressure as the Bears were relentless in their attack as the visitors were yet to pick up any points in the second half.

A fumble from Knights Ryan Godsmark helped the Bears stay firmly in their 22. The breakdown was rescued by Jack Fisher and a series of passes out to the wing found the hands of Euan Muirhead for the second time as he crashed over the whitewash. Conversion went wide.

The tries were coming in quick succession for the Bears as another successful driving maul saw Corey Tait over the try line for the Bears’ 7th try of the game. Extras were missed.

Another driving lineout maul in the 79th minute provided the space for Tait to go over for his second and final try of the evening. Andrew McLean had taken over kicking duties and the ball cleared the posts and Boroughmuir Bears stormed ahead in the second half for the victory.

FULL-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 44 – 20 Southern Knights

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Euan Muirhead (Boroughmuir Bears)

Boroughmuir Bears: Trystan Andrews, Max Loboda, Joe Jenkins, Kieran Westlake, Euan Muirhead (2), Corey Tait (2)
Southern Knights: Corbin Thunder (2), Paddy Anderson

Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul
Southern Knights: Callum Grieve

Southern Knights: Callum Grieve

Boroughmuir Bears: Joe Jenkins


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