Independent Disciplinary update: Chloe Rollie

Independent Disciplinary update: Chloe Rollie

Scotland number 15, Chloe Rollie, today appeared before an independent Disciplinary Committee via video link having received a red card for an act of foul play contrary to Law 9.18 in the match between Scotland and Italy on Saturday 20 April 2024.

The independent Disciplinary Committee was chaired by Richard Cole (Wales), joined by former international referee Valeriu Toma (Romania) and former international player Stefan Terblanche (South Africa).

Having accepted that the act of foul play justified the red card and by applying World Rugby’s sanctioning provisions, the Disciplinary Committee determined that the low-end entry point of six weeks was appropriate with the full 50% mitigation applied, based on exemplary record, good conduct and having shown immediate remorse, reducing the sanction to three weeks.

The suspension will cover the following matches:

27 April 2024 – Ireland vs Scotland, Six Nations
12 May 2024 – Loughborough Lightning vs Gloucester-Hartpury, PWR
18 May 2024 – Loughborough Lightning vs Harlequins, PWR

To view the full written decision, click on our Six Nations Disciplinary page, HERE.

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