Joint Statement From Premier One Forum And Scottish Rugby

Joint Statement From Premier One Forum And Scottish Rugby

Further to a report today in the media Scottish Rugby and the Premier One (P1) forum representatives would like to confirm and re-assure Scottish rugby clubs and supporters that the P1 clubs will not be splitting from the Union.Premier One Scottish Rugby Council representative, Ian Barnes, said: Recent speculation about a split from the Union is ill-founded as the matter has not been discussed by our forum. The P1 Forum is working well with Scottish Rugby and together we are working to shape and develop the future of the top level of the club game and do not believe that a break-away league would help us achieve this to any greater extent. Scottish Rugby’s head of community rugby, Colin Thomson, added: Scottish Rugby is committed to ensuring that rugby thrives through well run clubs growing the game in their communities and offering playing opportunities in well structured club competitions at all levels of the game.We will continue to work closely with all of the league forums for the future growth and improvement of the Scottish game.

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