Legacy in the Links: Path in Bruntsfield renamed to honour Eric Liddell

Legacy in the Links: Path in Bruntsfield renamed to honour Eric Liddell

In the centenary year of his record-breaking 400m gold medal win at the 1924 Paris Olympics, Eric Liddell was celebrated today [Friday 26 April] by local Edinburgh communities as a pathway in Bruntsfield Links was renamed ‘The Eric Liddell Way’.

And one of the country’s current crop of flying wingers, Darcy Graham, was on hand to help.

The unveiling was commemorated with a mass community participation event as part of The Eric Liddell 100 – a campaign initiated by The Eric Liddell Community to commemorate the remarkable life, sporting achievements, and community service contributions of this iconic Scottish figure. The Eric Liddell Way will not only serve as a way for an inspirational Scottish legacy to live on but will allow locals to walk in Eric Liddell’s footsteps as he would have used this path when walking to work, to church, and back to his home.

Unveiled by Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland winger Graham, and partnering with Edinburgh City Council, local councillors and neighbouring schools and businesses, the event boasted everything from a performance from the George Watson’s College pipe band, to 100m and 400m races, and small-sided rugby games to honour the late Scottish sprinter and rugby player. Edinburgh’s much-loved family-run ice-cream shop since 1908, S.Lucas, also donated free ice-cream to all in attendance from their 101-year-old Rolls-Royce.

Eric Liddell won seven caps for Scotland in 1922 and 1923, losing only once, and scored back-to-back tries in four of his internationals caps as a winger. He also represented what is now Edinburgh Rugby, against Glasgow at New Anniesland in 1921. He was inducted into the Scottish Rugby Hall of Fame in 2022, to mark a century since his first international cap. 100 years on, Darcy Graham is on track to create Scottish sporting legacy of his own, with his 24 tries leaving him just three behind the current Men’s record of 27.

Graham said: “It was an honour to come along and be a part of an amazing event, getting to unveil ‘The Eric Liddell Way’. Many won’t know that as well as his athletic heroics, Eric Liddell won seven caps for Scotland playing rugby. With small-sided rugby games taking place, and a 400m track set out for all to get involved in, we really did live life like Eric did – even just for a few hours. Eric is one of Scotland’s sporting greats, and it is important that we do our best to share his story and recognise his legacy.”

John MacMillan, CEO of The Eric Liddell Community, expressed his delight about the renaming of the path, saying: “We are incredibly excited and proud to see that the local community have come together to celebrate Eric’s legacy as we continue to share his story 100 years on from his famous gold medal victory. The path being renamed is made even more special since it was a route that Eric often walked over 100 years ago and is so close to The Eric Liddell Community in Brunstfield.”

This Eric Liddell 100 event was spearheaded by local Councillor for the Morningside Constituency, Marie-Clair Munro, who added: “We knew that something special had to be done to commemorate the incredible achievements of Eric Liddell in such a historic year, and we wanted to bring together the local community in doing so. The path being renamed to ‘The Eric Liddell Way’ signifies a community effort to appreciate the achievements of Eric Liddell, build on his legacy, and showcase the values that he is still remembered by to this day.”

A successful day that brought the community together to celebrate a local hero, ‘The Eric Liddell Way’ serves as more than just the path that runs through Bruntsfield Links, it’s a source of inspiration for all to strive to do their best and live by the values that Eric Liddell embodied.

For more information about The Eric Liddell 100, or to get involved, please visit https://ericliddell.org/the-eric-liddell-100/

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