Papa Johns Tartan Touch

Get ready for another summer of Tartan Touch fun – Scottish Rugby’s fun, inclusive, social and simple form of rugby in the summer.

What is Papa Johns Tartan Touch?

Following the partnership between Scottish Rugby and Papa Johns in February 2022, the programme has been known as ‘Papa Johns Tartan Touch’, with the pizza delivery brand proudly working to support rugby communities in Scotland.

Running between May and July, Tartan Touch is designed to provide a simplified version of rugby with the aim of attracting players of all abilities, ages and levels of experience who are looking to improve their fitness through simple and social activity.

In 2024, there are 73 hubs across the country, so there is bound to be a hub close to you. If you are interested in playing Tartan Touch this year, please click on one of the hub event invites in the accordion below.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Player of Tartan Touch

Papa John’s is bringing back the ‘Papa John’s Player of Tartan Touch’ promotion which allows you to celebrate a member of your Tartan Touch Hub who encapsulates the essence of Tartan Touch!

Everyone knows that one person at your club that embodies the values of community rugby, and we’re providing the opportunity to nominate them to become a Papa John’s ‘Player of Tartan Touch’ and have a chance to win a signed 2023/24 Scottish Rugby Men’s signed shirt and 10 general admission tickets to see either of the below matches:

  • Scotland vs Portugal, Saturday 16 November 2024
  • Scotland vs Australia, Sunday 24 November 2024

Complete this form to nominate your Player of Tartan Touch.

Please enter by 11:59pm on Friday 26th July 2024.
Ts&Cs Apply: https://bit.ly/3QrJOI5

What are the rules?

AIMTouch the ball down over opponent’s goal line. To do this, keep possession by avoiding being touched.

Touched 6 times Offload within 2 steps or 2 seconds – No offside from the offload
Ball leaves the pitch Place ball on ground – Offside line created
Ball passed forward, dropped forward, or kicked forward Must be passed away by touched player or a teammate
Foul play by team in possession


The Hubs (new hubs listed in bold)

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