Player Welfare Action Plan

Scottish Rugby has launched a Player Welfare Action Plan designed to reduce and better manage injuries at all levels of the community game.

The Action Plan has a dedicated focus on eight key objectives which put player welfare at the forefront of on and off-pitch activity delivery, utilising an evidence-based approach for decision making.

The Action Plan has been developed by Scottish Rugby’s Welfare Manager, Dr Karen Barclay, Chief Medical Officer, Dr James Robson and Head of Game Development, Neil Graham and is the first of its kind for domestic rugby across the four home unions.

Aligned to World Rugby’s six-point plan for player welfare, key areas the Action Plan addresses include pitch side care, concussion management, age banding, laws, education, research, wellbeing and coaching.

These key areas will be addressed through new minimum standards, enhanced training and education including new and refreshed courses accessible to coaches, players, referees, parents and volunteers, plus new policies and resources to support clubs and schools.

Below you can access the Player Welfare Action Plan document and a range of resources to support your club/school/society implement action on the eight key objectives of the plan.

Concussion Education Module

The new concussion module which makes up the wider RugbyRight course is now available for members of the wider rugby community to complete.

The course includes comprehensive support to help identify and manage concussion, and provides clear information on the graduated return to play protocols at all ages and stages of the game.

Scottish Rugby encourages all players, volunteers and parents to undertake it.

Click HERE to complete the course.

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