Betting and Anti-Corruption

Scottish Rugby is committed to the fight against corruption in sport. It is completely against the integrity of our sport and runs counter to Scottish Rugby's core principles of Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Enjoyment and Respect.

Key Principles

  • Every participant in the game has a responsibility to ensure fair and sporting competition.
  • Scottish Rugby, and all those under the jurisdiction of Scottish Rugby, shall follow best practice in relation to sports betting and the prevention of corrupt practices in rugby.
  • Scottish Rugby has adopted a Policy and a Regulation (SDR 6 : Betting and Anti-Corruption) in relation to sports betting and the prevention of corrupt practices, and the subsequent sanctioning of offenders. This Regulation conforms to World Rugby’s Regulation 6 (Anti-Corruption and Betting).
  • Scottish Rugby believes that best practice is represented by SDR 6 and World Rugby Regulation 6.

All players, coaches, other team management members, directors, officials and others participating or involved in the game must follow the terms of SDR 6 and World Rugby Regulation 6, together with any further guidance published by Scottish Rugby in relation to sports betting and the prevention of corrupt practices in rugby.

Scottish Rugby’s Regulation

All those within Scottish Rugby’s jurisdiction must comply with Scottish Rugby’s Betting and Anti-Corruption Regulation (SDR 6 : Betting & Anti-Corruption):

Other Resources

World Rugby Anti-Corruption: World Rugby’s website has a dedicated anti-corruption section which provides a range of information and resources. You can access the World Rugby anti-corruption pages here.

Gambling Commission: The Gambling Commission also has a range of on-line resources which can be accessed here.

Problem Gambling Support Services: There are a range of support bodies available to help those involved in problem gambling. You can access further information on problem gambling from NHS Inform here.

Examples of Prohibited Practices

The Scottish Rugby and World Rugby want to protect the integrity of the game by ensuring that all matches are contested on a level playing field and are won (or lost) on merit. That means that if you work in or are otherwise involved in professional or semi-professional rugby you must:

  • NOT bet on any rugby match (or ask anyone to place a bet for you) anywhere in the world.
  • NOT misuse or pass on inside information e.g. details of injuries, selection, etc. if not already public knowledge. Be particularly careful on social media!
  • NOT accept money or gifts from anyone who is betting on rugby or in return for giving inside information or underperforming in a match.
  • NOT fix or attempt to fix any part of a match.
  • REPORT any approach, activity or anything suspicious or unusual that comes to your attention.

The following are also prohibited:

  • Fixing a match or attempting to fix a match or any aspect of a match;
  • Benefitting from failing to perform;
  • Soliciting, inducing encouraging (or attempting to) any other party to do any of the above offences;
  • Posing a threat to the integrity of rugby;
  • Destruction of evidence in relation to a potential breach; and
  • Failing to report suspicions or approaches.

Contact details

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, have a specific query or wish to report an anti-corruption concern, please contact Scottish Rugby’s Discipline Manager, Richard McGhee, at [email protected] or 0131 346 5029.

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