Compliance with Scottish Rugby's Concussion Policy is mandatory for all those participating in the game in Scotland.

Policy Statement

Scottish Rugby is committed to injury prevention and the welfare of all those participating in our sport.

Players are entitled to take part in rugby in a safe and enjoyable environment. Scottish Rugby will adopt policies to minimise the risk of concussion and procedures for the appropriate management of any cases of concussion which may arise. Everyone within Scottish Rugby will be made aware of the policies and procedures in place to promote the safety and wellbeing of those playing the game.

  • Primary responsibility for the health and wellbeing of each player lies with the individual player. In agreeing to participate players must take seriously the risk of injury to themselves and to others.
  • The welfare of the player is paramount.
  • Scottish Rugby, and all those governed by Scottish Rugby, shall follow best practice in relation to the management of potential incidents of concussion.
  • Scottish Rugby believes that current best practice is represented by World Rugby Regulation 10 (Medical)and the Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance.
  • All players, coaches and other team management members must follow the terms of World Rugby Regulation 10, the Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance and any other guidance published by Scottish Rugby in relation to the management of suspected cases of concussion.
  • The protection of the player is everyone’s responsibility.

Graduated Return to Play Protocols

The Graduated Return to Play Protocols set out in the Policy are mandatory. This means that the earliest permissible return to play dates after a suspected concussion are as follows:

  • Players under the age of 19 : Day 23 post injury.
  • Other Players : Day 12 post injury.

In all cases the graduated return principles set out in the Policy must be followed prior to the players return to play.

Education and Training Resources

World Rugby has provided an extensive range of training and education tools in respect of Concussion. Scottish Rugby recommends that players, team management members and club officials make themselves familiar with the contents of these resources. The World Rugby resources can be accessed here:

Training and Education: World Rugby Concussion Management.

World Rugby Regulation : World Rugby Regulation 10 (Medical)

Raising a Concern

Failure to follow Scottish Rugby’s Concussion Policy shall be regarded as an act of Misconduct under Scottish Rugby’s Disciplinary Rules.

Where a concern arises in the relation to the management a player who may have sustained a concussion, or where there is concern that best practice regarding concussion management is not being followed, the matter may be referred in confidence to Scottish Rugby Union’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at [email protected] or by phoning 0131 346 5000.

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