Taylor Swift at Scottish Gas Murrayfield - June 2024

Dear Reader…the Question is…Are you Ready for it?

All of us here at Scottish Gas Murrayfield want to make sure you have The Best Day when coming to our stadium and that the show day experience lives up to all your Wildest Dreams 

We have pulled together some key information to make sure you all have your Eyes Open to what we have going on around the stadium for you all to enjoy. 

We know that you all want to attend in Style – however Scotland can have a Cruel Summer and a lot of Change in weather (including Midnight Rain!) so please come prepared. 

We don’t want anyone to feel they are in a Labyrinth trying to find their seats so please pay attention to what ticket type you have and only try to access from your dedicated turnstile that will be detailed on your ticket. 

We want you to all be Safe & Sound for your visit so if you feel there is any Bad Blood happening around you on show day please reach out to any of our volunteers or stewards who will be able to help. 

When It’s time to go we are in walking distance of Edinburgh City Centre and also have great transport links with Buses, Trams and Trains.  

For anyone catching a ride in their Getaway Car please make sure only the designated Drop Off and Collection points are used. 

Long Story Short – your Happiness matters so please read through the FAQs, make sure this isn’t The Last Time you read them as we know All Too Well there can be changes closer to show day and be ready to Shake it Off in June! 

Stadium Facilities

  • Where can I enter the stadium?

    Where you have purchased your ticket will determine where you will access the stadium from.  

    Ticket holders must ensure they access the turnstile that corresponds to their ticket type to make sure that people collect the correct wristbands to get access to their area. 

    Please remember Scottish Gas Murrayfield is located in a residential area so please be respectful of our neighbours when arriving and leaving the stadium. 

  • Will there be any facility for me to queue early at the venue?

    Scottish Gas Murrayfield is situated in an industrial and residential area that isn’t suitable for overnight camping or anyone queuing too far in advance of the gates opening.

    Therefore, we ask that anyone attending the shows only arrives at the venue at the time advertised on their ticket, on the day of their show.

  • Where will the stage be within the stadium?

    Please refer to the map on your ticket agent’s website for the stage layout however the main stage for all concerts will be at the North End of the stadium.

  • Will there be any special effects in use during the performances?

    Flickering light effects, lasers, strobing, pyrotechnics, and other effects including flames, smoke and confetti may be used throughout the performances. 

    LED wristbands will also form part of the show effects for ticket holders.

  • Will I be able to purchase food and drink in the stadium during the concert?

    Yes, there will be a wide range of hot and cold food and beverages available to buy – which will cater for different dietaries. Once we have confirmed our showday footprint we will have a map showing the locations of the different vendors around the campus and the dietaries they each cater for.

    Please note, we operate a Challenge 25 policy at Scottish Gas Murrayfield.  Anyone who appears to be under the age of 25, will be asked to provide identification confirming that they are over 18 years of age in order to purchase alcohol.  The only forms of identification we accept are passports and photographic driving licenses.

  • Can I purchase official merchandise at the concert?

    Yes, there will be several merchandise outlets located around the venue – we will update with maps of these locations, along with when there will be opportunities to purchase merchandise in the build up to show day for ticket holders and non ticket holders.

    Please note we would advise against purchasing any unofficial merchandise outside the stadium. 

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks into the stadium?

    You may bring small amounts of food into the stadium if required for medical and childcare purposes – please note that the bag size policy will have exceptions for for medical and childcare bags.

  • Will there be drinking water available?

    Yes, water is available from any bar or food outlet.

  • What if I or one of my guests feel unwell, anxious, vulnerable, has an accident or is lost?

    The stadium will have trained medical and welfare staff on duty, please approach a steward who will direct you to the nearest first aid or welfare point.

  • Is the stadium a non-smoking and non-vaping venue?

    Yes, smoking is not permitted within the stadium, this includes e-cigarettes and Vapes.

  • I or my child has an illness, will there be facilities to keep his/her medicine?

    No, this would need to be kept on the person at all times.

  • Where are the First Aid / Welfare areas? 

    There will be a First Aid area located on every level of the stadium (including the pitch), stewards will be able to direct patrons to the nearest medical staff.  

    In addition to the First Aid points we will also have a quiet space, located in the South West corner of the stadium, please contact [email protected] if you wish to make use of this room.

  • Will there be a cash machine?

    In the main, Scottish Gas Murrayfield is a cashless stadium, as such, there is no cash withdrawal facilities onsite and the majority of bars, catering units and merchandise outlets are card / contactless only. However, a limited number of units will accept cash – please speak to any of our Blue Crew who are located around the stadium who will be able to direct you to the nearest unit.


  • How do I purchase tickets? 

    Scottish Rugby are the host venue for this event and will not be managing ticket sales. All tickets are available through Ticketmaster or AXS. Registration for these sales has now closed and any tickets that become available will show on their websites. 

  • I’ve seen tickets advertised on other sites – can I still order from there?

    We would strongly advise against using any sites other than those listed above.  These are the only sites we can guarantee have 100% genuine tickets. Consider the notes below before purchasing your tickets: 

    1. Only buy from the outlets listed on the show advertising.
    2. Find out the face value of the tickets and how much you are paying in booking fees.
    3. Find out the location of your seats.
    4. Never buy from an agent who says the tickets will be available to collect outside the Box Office.
  • Will my seats have a restricted view?

    Any seats with a restricted view would have shown this at the point of purchase, please review your confirmation email for information. If you have any further questions, please contact your ticket provider directly.

Age Restrictions

  • Are there any age restrictions?


    No persons under 14 years old permitted. Persons under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over at all times (1 adult minimum per 4 persons aged under 16 years old).

    No persons under 5 years old permitted.  Persons under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over at all times (1 adult minimum per 4 persons aged under 16 years old). 

  • Can I bring my one year old baby without a ticket?

    No, as under 5s are not permitted you wouldn’t be allowed to bring your baby with you to the show. 


  • What security procedures will be in place at the concert?

    The safety around our events is of paramount importance; to achieve that there will be various security procedures in place. 


    • 100% searches on all ticket holders prior to entering the venue 
    • There will be a strict A4 bag policy (30cm x 21cm x 8cm) for the concerts and there will be 100% bag searches taking place prior to coming into the venue 
    • Where possible we recommend that ticket holders do not bring bags with them to ensure quick entry into the stadium. 
    • Any bags over A4 – unless brought in for childcare or medical purposes will not be permitted into the venue.
    • Prohibited items will be updated shortly – please note there will be medical and childcare exceptions to some restricted items. 
  • Is there a bag storage facility at the venue?

    No, there isn’t a bag drop facility at Scottish Gas Murrayfield.

    Anyone who turns up to the venue with a bag larger than A4 will be sent to deposit their bag in one of the many bag drop facilities located across Edinburgh.

Access Requirements

  • I am a wheelchair user and am attending the concert. Will there be a designated area for wheelchair users at the concert?

    Yes, there are designated wheelchair viewing areas and accessible facilities for your use. You must purchase wheelchair tickets in order to gain access to this area.

    The wheelchair viewing sections for concerts at Scottish Gas Murrayfield are viewable on the ticket map and are situated in front of the South Stand. 

  • What are the closest food and bar outlets to the accessible platform?

    The closest food and bar outlets will be located within the South Car Park area which can be accessed directly through the main South Tunnel. Alternatively, there will also be similar catering units to the West side of the estate in the West Roadway or West periphery which can be accessed via the Southwest Accessible Tunnel from the pitch.  

    At various times throughout the event a member of the catering team will visit the accessible decks to take food and drinks orders.

  • My circumstances have changed since I purchased my ticket and I now have restricted mobility or am using a wheelchair. What should I do?

    If your circumstances have changed please notify Ticketmaster or AXS at your earliest opportunity by filling out their online contact form which you can access through your booking confirmation. 

     If you have purchased your tickets for this event from a different ticket agent, please contact them in the first instance as they may be able to assist further prior to contacting Ticketmaster or AXS.

  • What facilities do you have on site for people with access requirements?

    Conveniently placed separate adapted and accessible toilets including a Changing Places toilet are located in the lower south west corner of the stadium, along with accessible toilet facilities around the stadium. 

    In addition at Scottish Gas Murrayfield, we have a Stadium Support team who are on hand on event days to provide a wayfinding service and offer accessibility support within the ground.  

    If you wish to enquire or register for support please submit your details through the form here: Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour Accessibility. 

    If you would like to request any other support including BSL, support dogs, sensory room or anything other, please contact our team as soon as possible to allow us to arrange where possible the required support ahead of the event via [email protected].  


  • Will there be parking available on the day of the concert at the Stadium for the public?

    There is no public parking available at the stadium.  

    There will be a limited number of Blue Badge accessible parking spaces for the event however due to the extremely high demand anticipated, spaces will be allocated through a ballot and access to the car park for the event will only be permitted with a date specific venue parking pass.  

    If you wish to enter the parking ballot, please submit your details through the form here: Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour Accessibility. 

    The accessible car park is located in close proximity to the stadium at Murrayfield Ice Rink (EH12 5XN). 

    Due to crowd egress and local road closures for the event vehicles parked in this area will be held until the roads are open again, which could be approximately 90 minutes post show-end.

  • Will there be coach parking available at the stadium?

    Coach and minibus parking is not available at Scottish Gas Murrayfield. Coaches and minibuses will be directed to parking areas around the stadium.  It is vital that drivers co-operate and follow instructions and directions to ensure maximum capacity. The first vehicles to arrive will be parked nearest to the stadium. 

    Shortly we will provide a map on the exact locations that buses will be able to drop off an pick up, so make sure to check back to get your plans sorted in advance of the day!

  • How do I get to and from Scottish Gas Murrayfield?


    Scottish Gas Murrayfield is conveniently located to the west of Edinburgh and is well served by public transport. 

    On Foot

    Scottish Gas Murrayfield is approximately a 45-minute walk from Edinburgh City Centre and just a 20 minute walk from Haymarket station – make the most of your time in Scotland’s capital city and soak up the atmosphere as you get closer to the stadium with various shops and pubs lining the route.  

    As you get close to the stadium after walking along Haymarket Terrace there will be designated routes for the different turnstiles and ticket types – please pay close attention to signage and maps which will show which corner of the stadium you need to get to for access on the day. 

    By Train

    Waverley Station is located in the centre of Edinburgh and Haymarket is located to the west of the city – both of which provide easy access to the stadium either by tram or on foot.

    Please make sure you buy tickets in advance either at staffed stations, by phone (0344 811 0141) or at scotrail.co.uk. Plan ahead and ensure you check your travel providers website for any updates ahead of travel.  

    By Tram

    Edinburgh’s tram line runs in both directions from Edinburgh Airport into the city centre and onto Leith – with a handy stop at Scottish Gas Murrayfield, which leads you onto Roseburn Street.  

    There is also a stop at Balgreen which provides easy access into the stadium from the South West  corner. 

    Please note tickets must be purchased prior to boarding trams. You can either use the ticket vending machines at trams stops or pre-purchase tickets on the Transport for Edinburgh App. To find out more and to pre-purchase your tram tickets visit edinburghticket.com. 

    By Bus

    Lothian Buses run several routes throughout the city (and from further afield) that service Scottish Gas Murrayfield. All Lothian buses accept contactless payments or you can download the Lothian Bus mobile app to help plan your travel to the game. Visit lothianbuses.com and use their journey planner ahead of travel for specific information regarding routes on match day. 

    Please plan your journey and know your travel options by checking your travel providers website for all of the latest information ahead of your day.  

    In particular please check with your travel provider for any changes to services as well as details of the last service of the evening. 

    By Car

    There are various Park and Ride facilities around the outskirts of Edinburgh which we recommend people use, to then use the bus or tram network to get to the center of town or Scottish Gas Murrayfield – details can be found here – https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/parking/find-park-ride   

    For anyone looking to drop people off or collect them please make sure you only use the designated drop off points – these have been created to allow plans to be made for drop off an collections and take into account road closures around the stadium. 

    For awareness, due to the numbers of people attending the concerts there are various road closures and parking restrictions in place around the stadium. With this in mind we strongly discourage early drop offs around the stadium as you will not be able to return to that same location at the end of the night – also please note that vehicles on surrounding roads in close proximity to the stadium will be held until roads are re-opened so please plan ahead accordingly. 

    As a reminder the stadium is located in a residential area and as such we request that you be mindful of driveways, access roads and traffic restrictions in the vicinity. 

    Respect our Neighbours 

    As the stadium is situated in a residential area and Scottish Rugby asks you to please be mindful and respectful of local residents and their property when walking to, entering and leaving the ground.  

    Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided and be respectful of the area around you – there will be some toilets located external to the stadium for use on Showday. 

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