Disciplinary procedures

Scottish Rugby recognises the necessity of effective disciplinary rules, as well as equitable procedures to apply those rules fairly.

Discipline within Rugby

Scottish Rugby is obliged to incorporate the World Rugby Recommended Sanctions for offences within the playing enclosure in its own disciplinary rules. The relevant World Rugby Regulations can be found at:

The World Rugby Code of Conduct has also been adopted by Scottish Rugby and included within our disciplinary rules. All clubs, players and persons connected to the game of Rugby in Scotland must observe its terms. By membership of World Rugby, Scottish Rugby is bound to monitor and enforce the code in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby’s disciplinary procedures

Based on the World Rugby documents Scottish Rugby has developed a Guide to Disciplinary Procedures setting out the process which will be followed in respect of rugby related disciplinary matters in Scotland. A copy of this Guide can be found at: Guide to disciplinary procedures

The purpose of the Guide is to explain the Rules and procedures, in support of their key objective - to ensure that justice is obtained in disciplinary proceedings and that decisions are made in a fair, consistent, independent and expeditious manner.

These are subject to application at the discretion of the Discipline Panel and Appeals Committee, based on the circumstances of each case. The sanctioning policy explains the process of deciding the sanction to be applied.

Specific sanctioning matters

At certain times it is deemed to be in the best interests of the game to provide advice to referees and disciplinary committee members with regard to deterring particular offences. With effect from 23 August 2013 the Scottish Rugby Board has provided such a guidance in respect of the abuse of match officials (based on a two year trial):

In addition World Rugby has issued similar memoranda in respect of dangerous tackles and contact with the eye:

Sanctions issued during the current season

Feedback on Referee Abuse Trial

We have now reached the end of the two year trial of enhanced sanctions for cases of Referee Abuse. If you would like to comment on the trial please see the feedback form below.