Club Sustainability Fund

The Club Sustainability Fund (CSF) is comprised of four strands: Fast Track, Revenue, Capital and Major Capital Investment.

Applications for Fast Track are now open and will close on 30 July.

  • Fast Track

    Fast Track applications for season 2023/24 are open and will close on 30 July.

    This is for any club with a maintenance or improvement project. Suitable projects include anything that makes your club environment a better place to train, play and socialise.

    • Clubs can apply for up to 50% of the costs of their project up to a total of £2,000
    • Clubs receiving an award in the Fast Track stream of the Club Sustainability

    Fund may also apply for funding for one other stream in the Club Sustainability Fund launching in October 2023.

  • Revenue, Capital and Major Capital Investment

    Applications for Revenue, Capital and Major Capital will open on 3 October and close on 26 November.



    The Revenue strand of the CSF provides funding of up to £10,000 to support new projects designed to increase club revenue.



    The Capital strand of the CSF provides up to £50,000 of funding to support clubs to upgrade their facilities and improve the quality, capacity and longevity of rugby participation.


    Major Capital Investment

    The Major Capital Investment strand is part of our Growth and Participation fund subsidised by the Scottish Government. It is designed to support clubs with developments to their physical infrastructure including the purchase, upgrade or construction of an asset.

    This financial support programme is a £500K fund, which will award up to £250K for one or two capital investment projects per year over the five-year lifespan of the Growth and Participation Fund. This means up to 10 projects across Scotland could receive up to £250K* for facility development.

    *Scottish Rugby reserve the right to change the number and value of awards in any year based on the suitability or lack of application in any year.

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes on CSF Fast Track can be found HERE. Please read these guidance notes thoroughly before completing the application form. You should discuss your project with your Regional Manager before applying.

Successful applicants will have to provide invoices on completion of the project that are consistent with their expenditure and the work detailed in the original application in order to receive funding.


To apply for CSF Fast Track please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

Applications for the Revenue, Capital and Major Capital Investment strand will open on 3 October and will close on 26 November.

Awarded funding for CSF 2023

Grassroots rugby clubs across Scotland benefitted from over £401,399 of investment from Scottish Rugby through the 2023 CSF Capital and Revenue streams.

This year’s 13 successful applicants will receive investment towards projects via two funding strands – Capital and Revenue – designed to improve club facilities or allow clubs to employ administrators to support with operational needs.

Below you’ll find confirmation of successful applicants and the projects their award will support.

Capital (CSF 2023)

Club Project Scottish Rugby Award
Ellon Rugby SCIO Facility upgrades (floodlight system – portable) £20,399
Aberfeldy RFC Clubhouse construction (new) £50,000
Kinross RFC Clubhouse construction (extension) £50,000
Gala Rugby Pitch drainage (pitch no. 2) £40,000
Hawick RFC Facility upgrades (floodlight system – fixed & changing rooms) £25,000
Musselburgh RFC Facility upgrades (floodlight system – fixed £30,000
Cambuslang Rugby and Sports Club Facility upgrades (hot water system & heating system) £50,000
Cartha QP RFC Facility upgrades (ablutions & kitchen) £50,000
Greenock Wanderers RFC Facility upgrades (floodlight system – fixed) £50,000

Revenue (CSF 2023)

Club Project Scottish Rugby Award
Garioch RFC Manager (Business Development Manager) £10,000
Mackie Rugby Manager (Community Event & Business) £10,000
Perthshire RFC Manager (Business Development Manager) £10,000
Preston Lodge Facility upgrade (Lounge Area) £6,000

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